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Apico Husky back to full strength at Blaxhall

Last weekend the team travelled down to East Anglia for the 5th Pro Round of the Revo British Motocross Championship powered by Gulf Race Fuels at the iconic Blaxhall venue. With the weather threatening to spoil things, the team were happy to get the downpours out of the way before the Saturday setup. After scrutineering and an enjoyable team meal, the team were ready to tackle Sunday’s racing.

Stuart Edmonds #162 MX1 Class Husqvarna FC450
“I was pleased with my performances over the weekend.  After a reasonable qualifying session getting 12th fastest, I managed a great start in race 1 coming into the first corner in 5th position. A few corners later I was sandwiched between 2 riders and lost my rhythm along with 5 places on the tight and windy track. I got my head down and pulled the places back when I hit another rider and lost the positions I’d made up. I went again, making up places then the front end washed out and I crashed. I still pushed on and made up several positions to finish 11th at the flag. I made some mistakes and fortunately I was able to catch and pass a group of riders several times during the race.

In race 2 I had another good start, coming around the first corner in 6th position and pushing on when I hit the back of a rider and went down. I remounted in 12th and made up 4 places on the first lap. Towards the end of the race, the torrential rain came and helped me to catch the rider in front. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and I finished 8th in race 2 for 8th overall and 8th place in the MXGB MX1 Championship. I’d like to thank all my personal sponsors and the team sponsors for giving me what I need to perform at the highest level in British Motocross”.

Law flies high

Jamie Law #25 MX2 Class Husqvarna TC250
“After a tough qualifying, I came out the gate inside the top 5 and managed to hold my position for the first few laps. This was a welcome start to the racing as I’ve not had much bike time over the last 4 weeks, suffering from COVID19 and having to isolate and then the crash at the last round of the MX Nationals, I wasn’t expecting too much at Blaxhall. I pushed on, losing a couple of places to GP riders and then a couple more in the last couple of laps to finish 9th at the flag.
After getting a decent start inside the top 10 I made a mistake losing a couple of places, though managed to make them back up again. By lap 3 I had found my flow and went on to trade places with a couple of riders though I had to settle for 11th at the flag. Still, I would have taken that at the beginning of the day had you told me I’d finish 8th overall. I’d like to thank my sponsors and Apico Husqvarna and their sponsors for making my season possible”.

Matt’s back!

Matt Burrows #11 MX2 Class Husqvarna FC250
“Blaxhall was the first time back after I broke my ankle and changed to the 4 stroke machinery. Today was a massive struggle and doesn’t represent where I’ve been in practice. I had arm pump in the first race and struggled in the second. Having two no score results is not where I want to be. I’m going to regroup and come back being in the points. Thanks to all those in my corner, things will get better and I appreciate the support from everyone especially Apico Husqvarna”.

Jack’s the lad

Jack Lindsay #433 MXY2 Class Husqvarna FC250
My start in race 1 was terrible, though I managed to get my head down and make around 10 places up to finish 6th at the flag and 4th in class. I had a better start in race 2 inside the top 6 though after a couple of corners another rider hit my back wheel and the chain came off! As the race continued I managed to get my chain on and circulate for 12th at the flag. That gave me an 8th overall and 5th in the championship, disappointment is not the word! Thanks to all my sponsors and those from Apico Husqvarna”.

Stu on the gas

Dylan Brown, Team Manager Apico Husqvarna
Overall I’m pleased with the weekend’s results. Another solid performance from Stuart, even though he made things hard for himself in the first race, he still managed to catch and pass the riders twice to finish 11th and then push on for 8th in the last race that was impacted by the weather. I didn’t think Jamie was going to race after the injury he sustained the other week at the MX Nationals. When he came round that first corner in the top 5 riders, I hoped we were in for a treat and although he’s not been able to perform his best lately due to illness and injury, he still had his best point-scoring weekend at the REVO British Motocross Championship.
Matt’s not had the best of luck and I’m hoping he’s able to salvage something from the season in his last few races. Jack was unlucky in the youth class and with only 2 rounds left I’d say it’s going to be tough for him to finish his Championship in a top 3 position. Right now we can finish every class in a top 10 position, which is an improvement for Stuart, Jamie and Jack on their 2019 seasons. I hope this will be the case. Thanks to all the sponsors, mechanics, families and helpers around the team as always”.