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Backlash after Ferrandis clash

Dylan Ferrandis has been put on 12 months probation after his take-out of Christian Craig at Saturday’s Anaheim supercross. It means if he repeats any dodgy riding in the next year, he’ll be penalised.

The Frenchman was booed by the 55,000-strong crowd after he wiped out Honda man Craig. You can see the crash here…

At the time, he said: “I got caught up with some riders at the start but was able to move forward. The race was going good and then the moment with Christian… Obviously it was not my intention for us both to crash, but it was just a racing incident… A lot of riders crashed.”

The incident… pic by Guy B

He also said: “Unfortunately I had this racing incident with Christian Craig that make both of us crash during the main event. I want to apologise to him and I hope he’s not injured. Definitely not the way I wanted to pass him.

“Racing is never easy, especially when you dedicated your whole life to winning and you have a 15 minute race to do it. Sometimes the decision we take are not smart. The AMA gave me a 12 months probation with a fine if I violate a rule in my probation period,” he said.

The move has caused a huge backlash on social media, with lots of people keen to blame the Frenchman and point out he has a history of dirty riding.. such as when he took a kick at Pauls Jonass in the Dutch GP.

“Its time for Dylan Ferrandis to go back to France for his own safety!!! The fans dont want him here anymore!!! The way he Raced was inexcusable!” said one post on Facebook.

Others have been quick to point out there have been lots of other takeouts by lots of famous supercross riders in recent times which were more blatant yet no punishment was doled out.

“Wtf… it was a racing incident, if they stop this the fun stops, that was the best race so far, that’s because of the action,” said Rob McKeown.

And of course there has been a slew of memes. Where do you stand on the Ferrandis issue?