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Beta factory hit by thieves

The Beta factory in Italy has been targeted by thieves who have stolen a batch of brand new bikes.

A statement from beta says: Our warehouse in Rignano was broken up and a batch of motorbikes was stolen (RR 2T 125/200/250/300 and XTrainer). We recommend you to pay the utmost attention: in case you run into offers at very low prices, write immediately to for a check on suspected VIN (frame number): just take a picture of the number stamped on the frame headtube.

Please note that we are not just talking about a possible complicity with a theft, we wish to alert you for your own protection as well. The batch of stolen motorcycles was incomplete of some components. Therefore, these motorcycles, besides not being able to be registered, cannot function properly! If you come into contact with a suspicious motorcycle, let us know.

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