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Bird flies to MX Nationals lead

As day one of the Michelin MX Nationals came to a close at a sunny Sherwood, Richard Bird with a win and a second place led the experts MX1 by two points from race one winner John Meara with Brad Cavill just five off the lead with two more races to go on Sunday it’s all still to play for, writes Dick Law.

Richard Bird and John Meara

Jason Meara with two wins to his credit leads the expert MX2s with Ben Clark second ten points behind the leader and with Ryan McClean third all the riders will have to up their game to snatch the overall off Mears come the end of the weekend.

Oliver Benton flying high

Harry Fletcher with a win and a second leads the clubman MX1s but the rest of the field struggled to put two races together witch leaves second place man Guy Price and Ashley Watt eleven points off the lead.

Jason Meara kicks up he dust

Things are tight at the top of the clubman MX2s with Harry Foster and Fabio Rizzi separated by just five points with Charlie Razzell third.

John Meara looking quick

Callum Green won both MXY2 races with Aaron-Lee Hanson following him over the finish line on both occasions with Denny Rapson third.

Joel Rizzi, like Green won both youth 125 races from Sam Nunn and Sam Price.

Aiden Wigger roosting

Ryan Mawhinney won both big wheel 85s and has a 12-point lead over Buster Hunt and Jack Grayshon while in the small wheel side of the race Ollie Colmer with a second place and a win leads from Arai Elcock with Bailey Johnston third.

Brad Cavill

Loads of water will be dumped on the track when the sun goes down ready for day two where the pro’s riders will join then for another day of great racing where all the overall results will be decided.

Jack Grayshon on the KTM

Expert MX2
Race 1: 1. Jason Meara, 2. Charlie Putnam, 3. Ben Clark
Race 2 : 1. Jason Meara, 2. Joe Cadwallader, 3. Ben Clark

Expert MX1
Race 1: 1. John Meara, 2. Richard Bird, 3. Brad Cavill
Race 2. 1. Richard Bird, 2. Brad Cavill, 3. John Meara

Race 1: 1. Ryan Mawhinney, 2. Ethan Lane, 3. Buster Hart
Race 2: 1. Ryan Mawhinney, 2. Jack Grayshon, 3. Charlie Heyman

Race 1: 1. Bailey Johnston, 2. Ollie Colmer, 3. Arai Elcock
Race 2: 1. Ollie Colmer, 2. Boston Gilbert, 3. Arai Elcock

Race 1: 1. Callum Green, 2. Aaron-Lee Hanson, 3. Denny Rapson
Race 2: 1. Callum Green, 2. Aaron-Lee Hanson, 3. Denny Rapson

Race 1: 1. Joel Rizzi, 2. Dominic Lancett, 3. Samuel Nunn
Race 2: 1. Joel Rizzi, 2. Samuel Nunn, 3. Sam Price

Clubman MX2
Race 1: 1. Harry Foster, 2. Fabio Rizzi, 3. Charlie Razzell
Race 2: 1. Callan Stevenson, 2. Harry Foster, 3. Fabio Rizzi

Clubman MX1
Race 1: 1. Harry Fletcher, 2. Jamie McCarthy, 3. Joe Walklett
Race 2: 1. Aiden Christie, 2. Harry Fletcher, 3. Guy Prince

Jack Grayshon again
Ryan Crowder in front
Oliver Benton and Charlie Putnam
Ben Clark and Charlie Putnam battle
Cullum Green
Cullum Green
Ryan Mawhinney
Ollie Addy
Kai Tucker


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