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British MX kit in new MXGP game

250LONDON have some of their designs included in the new edition of the MXGP Video Game, which means you’ll be able to style your rider in 250LONDON, within the Customisation Zone.

Publisher, Milestone, is one of the biggest developers of racing video games, who’s other titles include MotoGP Series, Ride3, Supercross and many others. They first made contact with 250LONDON about the collaboration back in January, so they’ve been eagerly awaiting the release since then. Luca Simonotti, Producer at Milestone, had this to say about 250LONDON…

“We selected 250LONDON because we were particularly impressed by the design of moto jerseys, minimal but original at the same time. In the game they look simply marvelous as they are in reality! ”

— LUCA SIMONOTTI, Producer, Milestone

Adam Waite, Founder and Designer of 250LONDON products, was pretty pleased and had this to say about the brand’s inclusion:

“We’re stoked to be the only British clothing brand to be included in such a renowned, global Video Game. Naturally, it’s exciting for us, but it’s also testament to our consistent hard work over the last few years and commitment to the design-led direction of the brand. Plus it’s great to receive this level of recognition, sitting alongside the major international brands. It’s also a bit of fun and we’re looking forward to playing the game! ”

— ADAM WAITE, Founder, 250LONDON

250LONDON have a few Codes to give away for both PS4 and Xbox, so keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook and Instagram accounts this week if you want the chance to WIN THE GAME!! Follow them on Insta here @250LONDON and Facebook here.

Furthermore, if you like the look of the kit, then you should look forward to seeing the new collection for 2020, which is due out in a few weeks and will launch, as always, at The International Dirt Bike Show. Go check it out if you there!

For further information,please contact Jen on or 07711550133