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Team GB men and women win ISDE

The British men’s team and the women’s team have made history as they have both won the ISDE in France. It’s the first time they’ve ever done the double, of course, the first ever win for the women’s team and the first time the men’s team has won since 1953!

The winning women

The main trophy team was Steve Holcombe, Nathan Watson, Jed Etchells and Jamie McCanney. The women’s team was Jane Daniels, Rose Rowett and Nieve Holmes.

World Trophy Team
1. Great Britain (Holcombe, Watson, Etchells, McCanney)
2. Italy (Verona, Oldrati, Salvini, Bernardini)
3. Spain (Garcia, Betriu, Sans, Guerrero)

Women’s World Trophy
1. Great Britain (Holmes, Daniels, Rowett)
2. France (Lemoine, Chaplot, Martel)
3. Australia (Gardiner, Karlsson, Nielsen)