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Chambers wins Revo MX2 after result reshuffle

American wildcard Jack Chambers has been named winner of yesterday’s MX2 British championship at Lyng following a results re-shuffle. The race was red-flagged due to a track marker post falling into a dangerous position. Chambers had taken the lead, but on a results count-back to an earlier lap he was awarded second place, for second overall behind red plate holder Isak Gifting with Bobby Bruce third..

He’s now been named as winner of race two, and overall winner in his first ever race on British soil. It means Gifting is now 17 points clear of Bruce instead of 11, as Bruce had been named as the race winner. And Taylor Hammal and Jake Millward are now tied for third overall in the series.

The official statement from series organisers RHL says:

During the second MX2 race at Lyng on Sunday 23rd April a situation developed that created a safety concern regarding a section of trackside fencing. Unfortunately, because of this the race had to be stopped to ensure the riders safety and with 12:52 on the clock the race would not be re-started and the adjusted race results were published.

During the post race audits an error was picked up with the published results. This has now seen a change to some of the riders positions and Race Direction profusely apologises for the upset this may have caused. Those affected will be contacted personally.

Race Direction

Paul Roeton (Race Director)
Gareth Hockey (Promoter)
Harold Nickerson (Clerk of the Course)

The new results and series points are: