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Confusion over Youth 125 class

The new Youth 125 two-stroke class has been causing some problems at early season races, it seems. So the ACU has made this official announcement:

During 2016 the ACU Motocross Committee debated the possibility of providing a stepping stone class for youth riders to ease the transition from the 85cc class to riding a 250F. The concept of the proposed intermediate class had long been suggested and indeed was the norm for the majority of European Federations. After much discussion it was decided to give the green light to the new class, in essence this would allow riders at 13 years of age to move to the bigger framed machines but they would be restricted to the lighter 125 2 stroke models. This announcement was met with nothing but positivity from riders industry and media.

To help clubs and organisers facilitate the extra class it was agreed that the new class which was named “Youth 125″, could run alongside the existing class ” Youth Open” class but be scored separately.

The theory and working parameters all looked good, unfortunately the reality has not proven to reflect this.  The Motocross Committee have monitored very closely the few events that have been held so far in 2017 and have highlighted two concerns with the new system.

Firstly for whatever reason the fact that although the classes can run together they must be scored separately does not seem in the main to be happening, some organisers seem to be under the impression that we have created a youth 2 stroke and a youth 4 stroke class and that is how the classes/results etc, should be split.

Secondly the numbers for the new class are still relatively low, this means that clubs who have accepted entries are having to provide awards and championships etc for a class with extremely small numbers in it. No doubt as time progresses the numbers will increase however, the Motocross Committee felt that they should act sooner rather than later to simplify the current situation and also to assist their clubs to run their events.

With immediate effect all Youth Open riders will be allowed to choose whether they ride in the 125 class or in the open class when they enter an event (subject to that event having those classes available to enter).

Clubs may run all youth open and 125 riders in the same race as per the existing rule but must still score the two classes independently.

To summarise: Youth Open riders will in effect have a “dual” licence which will allow them to race 125 2 stroke machinery in the youth 125 class should they elect to do so.

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