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Crowder tops MX Nationlas opener

With half of the sixth and final round of the Michelin MX Nationals over, Ryan Crowder leads the British MX1 experts championship from Edward Briscoe and Steve Bixby thanks to two race wins, writes Dick Law.

Formation flying from Rheis Morter, Ben Franklin and Stephen Kelly

In the British MX2 expert championship, three riders finished day one separated by just three points as race two winner Jamie Wainwright leads by two points from race one winner Rossi Beard with Ryan McClean just one point further back.

Jamie Wainwright flying

Aaron-Lee Hanson is a strong ten points clear at the top on the 250F side of the combined MXY2 and MX125 races from Ryan Allison and Callum Green who tied on points in the remaining podium positions.

Top action from Ben Clark

Joel Rizzi won both races in the 125 side of the event with Bobby Bruce chasing over the finish line on both motos as Oliver Beamish runs in third.

Wal Shane Beaney, Finley Evans and Tyla Hooley push on

Charlie Hayman is in control of the big wheel 85s with two race wins from Sam Atkinson and Ethan Sills while in the small wheels Ollie Colmer and Wal Shane Beaney are tied on points at the top of the score sheet with Tyla Hooley third.

Wal Shane Beaney gets sideways

Aiden Christie and Harry Fletcher are in joint lead at the top of the clubman MX1 with Ashley Watt in third while in the clubman MX2 class Jorden Moxey, with a win and a second place, leads from race two winner Alex Hamer with Brad Thornhill third.

Sam Atkinson, and Callum Baldwin

In the pro practice Gert Krestinov was fastest of those that took part from Ryan Houghton and Lewis Tombs.

The start of the MXY2 / MXY125

Expert MX1
Race 1; 1. Ryan Crowder, 2. Steve Bixby, 3. Edward Briscoe
Race 2; 1. Ryan Crowder, 2. Luke Smith, 3. Edward Briscoe

Expert MX2
Race 1; 1. Callum Green, 2. Joel Rizzi, 3. Aaron-Lee Hanson
Race 2; Jamie Wainwright, 2. Charlie Putnam, 3. Ryan McClean

Clubman MX1
Race 1; 1. Harry Fletcher, 2. Aiden Christie, 3. Joe Roberts
Race 2; 1. Aiden Christie, 2. Harry Fletcher, 3. Ashley Watt

Clubman MX2
Race 1; 1. Jordan Moxey, 2. Brad Thornhill, 3. Fabio Rizzi
Race 2 ; 1. Alex Hamer, 2. Jordan Moxey, 3. Charlie Razzell

Race 1; Joel Rizzi, 2. Bobby Bruce, 3. Aaron-Lee Hanson
Race 2; Joel Rizzi, 2. Bobby Bruce, 3. Aaron-Lee Hanson

Race 1; Charlie Heyman, 2. Sam Atkinson, 3. Trystan Williams
Race 2; Charlie Heyman, 2. Ethan Sills, 3. Sam Atkinson

Race 1; Wal Shane Beaney, 2. Ollie Colmer, 3. Tyla Hooley
Race 2; 1. Ollie Colmer, 2. Wal Shane Beaney, 3. Tyla Hooley

The start of the Expert MX1
Ollie Colmer
Josh Bentley
Finley Rossi Beard

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