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Dan Bilzerian blasts NBC over Dean Wilson logo censorship

Just before A1, Dean Wilson announced that one of his new 2019 sponsors is ‘Ignite’ a company that produces cannabis products and owned by social media kingpin Dan Bilzerian. Unfortunately the party poopers at NBC or whoever made the decision to censor the ‘Ignite’ logo by covering it with tape.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Dan and he posted an incredible rant at the NBC bigwigs on Twitter, saying, “Fuck NBC, those pussies wouldn’t allow the ignite logo on our motocross riders bike. Good news is I get more views on my social media than your bitchass network does”

Let’s see what happens this weekend, but don’t hold your breath to see Deano’s logo on his bike in Glendale.

The fans lapped it up…

Jan 7MoreReplying to @DanBilzerian

Thank you for helping deano out. As a fan of deano’s and one small follower of yours its great to see! Hope you can still help @DeanWilson15 out.

Jan 7MoreReplying to @DanBilzerian

The only good thing about this situation is it gave ignite wayyyy more exposure than that patch would have. But hopefully youll be able go stick around and support dean.

Jan 7MoreReplying to @DanBilzerian


About time someone called out @nbc and put them in their position. Doing an amazing thing helping @DeanWilson15 out..!!

Jan 6MoreReplying to @DanBilzerian

You’re the man. Stand up for @DeanWilson15 super pumped you came into the sport and brought new money into it!

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