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DEP backing for East Anglia Auto series

DEP Exhausts have teamed up with the East Anglia Schoolboy Scramble Club to support their already strong Auto championship, in the DEP Auto challenge.

DEP are offering £1600 worth of £50 DEP product discount vouchers, which will mean virtually every rider lining up will be able to get a DEP voucher. That’s not all though, the overall winner of the DEP Auto Challenge presented by East Anglia SSC will receive full support for exhaust systems from DEP Pipes for 2018, whether they remain on an auto or move up to a 65.

The series starts on March 5th at Mildenhall, then moves to Sherwood (April 2nd), Chippenham (May 7th), Milton Malsor (June 11th) and finally Chatteris (July 9th). That’s a total of 15 actuall races of which 11 will count towards the overall championship.

You can enter now by going to and enter the premier Auto MX series in the UK.



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