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Dickinson to miss Blaxhall Revo round

Hitachi KTM GP new boy Ashton Dickinson is to miss Sunday’s Revo British championship round at Blaxhall to recover from injuries at the recent Loket GP when he picked up a concussion and broken bone in his back. Dickinson won the Canada Heights Revo round as a privateer before being scooped up by the Hitachi squad for GPs to replace the injured Bas Vaessen. He’s currently fourth in the British series.

“Some bad News guys, unfortunately after getting rode over like a speed bump at Loket GP, the doctors have advised me to rest up. Their main concern now is with my head. I have a concussion which with my symptoms, it’s not going to be quick rebound and back on the bike,” he said on social media.

“It’s a process now and I’m just listening to doctors orders! I also came away with a nice little hairline crack in my T7 which is causing me some aggro. This all means no physical training for at least 3-4 weeks to gain some normal comfort in my swede.

“I am proper devastated as I was desperate to push for that British MX2 title this year and now the opportunity has been taken away. But I do have good group of people around me to keep me focused and the eye on the prize. I’ll still try to go to the races, because even though it’s painful to watch when you’re not racing, you can still learn from the sidelines.”