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End of the road for Valkenswaard?

One of the most famous GP motocross tracks on the planet is facing an uncertain future as pressure is mounting to halt all racing at Valkenswaard in Holland from petrol-engined bikes. Locals are campaigning for the Dutch circuit to be restricted to electric vehicles only in a bid to cut down on noise and environmental pollution.

The newspaper in the nearby city of Eindhoven reports that the Valkenswaard city councillor Egbert Buiter thinks it is time for local residents to get together with the track to make big changes. “We do not want to just clean up the Eurocircuit but make something different. We have to think about what we want with it long term.” He says his opinions on what should happen are still open. “The Eurocircuit as we know it does not match with the trend towards peace and quiet. We should think about electric entertainment. The requirements regarding toxic emissions are increasingly stringent so we will eventually have to do something about it.” 

There is a local action group of distressed residents which was founded 23 years ago. The group was dormant for many years but was revived in 2015 and is concerned about what they perceive as “growing nuisance” of the Euro Circuit. In a petition earlier this year, 450 messages of support were collected from locals.

The track recently applied for planning permission to build a car park for 1400 cars and residents fear this will see use of the circuit increased. There is due to be a council meeting next week where the subject will be raised.

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