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Fancy a Soubeyras replica mini racer?

The annual Daytona Supercross is one of the most iconic two-wheel events in history, and to commemorate this special race, YCF has released their Bigy Factory Daytona 190 MX into the hands of Cedric Soubeyras. 

Cedric is no stranger to the US Daytona Supercross circuit after competing in the race twice. While training in the white sands of Florida, he decided to enjoy some free time on the YCF 190 mini-bike. “It is always fun to get back onto these small bikes that I used to ride”, Cedric stated. “It’s good for us adults, as I’m now 30 years old. It is fun to get back to the basics again where it all started.” 

The YCF Bigy Factory Daytona 190 MX is equipped with a Daytona Amina Engine, matted to a FS5 five speed transmission. It provides ample power as a mini-bike for a multitude of riders, from youth to adults. Cedric mentioned, “we rode the sand track and I was surprised with the power of the 190 engine.” Additional special features include, foldable and adjustable brake lever, brake and chain protection, as well as the Daytona inspired graphic kit. 

Although Cedric had a custom 190 made to replicate his personal race bike, YCF has now released their Bigy Factory Daytona model to be available to the public. Please visit the link below for more information and additional specifications on the Bigy Factory Daytona 190 MX.