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FXR reveals 25th anniversary kit

Known for its industry-leading comfort, FXR’s team of professional athletes across the globe wear off-the-shelf Revo gear because it fits and flows with the shape and movements of the next level motocross athlete. The road to the pro ranks is long and difficult, so Revo gear is also tough, not a tear-off. You won’t find a better set of gear that fits and moves your body while you ride – no restrictions, no distractions, pure focus. Through testing and continuous refinement, FXR has made numerous improvements to the Revo chassis, setting a higher standard for FXR’s already industry leading fit, finish, durability, and performance.

2021 Revo Jersey   

The Omni-Stretch material in FXR’s Revo jersey was developed to give riders the ultimate combination of 4-way stretch with the right amount of air flow.

The Revo jersey’s hybrid vented material is constructed in a performance fit pattern that allows the jersey to flex and move without restriction, while helping riders maintain a lower core temperature.

2021 Revo Pant 

For 2021, FXR has refined and improved the fit and performance of the M-2 Motion Pant chassis, dialing in the right amount of stretch to have positive fit, feel, and contact with the bike without restricting mobility.

An all-new industry first Auto-Buckle front closure system works with our fool-proof Hook & Loop side hip adjusters to further secure the waist closure and provide a positive feeling under hard acceleration or seat bouncing scenarios.