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Gajser beats Cairoli to take Italian crowns

World champ Tim Gajser won both the MX1 and Superfinal series in the Italian three-round championship at Mantova on Sunday, but was beaten in the very last moto of the event by his Honda team-mate Mitch Evans.

Evans won the Superfinal

The event marked the return to racing of Tony Cairoli who battled with Gajser in the MX1 moto before taking second place. In the Superfinal, Evans won from Gajser and Cairoli.

Gajser said: “I’m very happy with how this series went, to win five races and to get great starts and lead laps was an important beginning to 2020 for me. With the new CRF450RW we’ve been working hard to get everything setup well and these results prove what a good job everyone has done. Now I have a little break but I will keep working hard and make sure to carry this momentum into England.”

Evans said: “I had a great time riding this Internazionali d’Italia, especially finishing off with a win in the Superfinal here. I followed Tim for a little bit but I had good lines so I made the pass and just tried to ride forward and concentrate on what I was doing. It is awesome to get a race win and now I know what it’s like, I hope I can repeat it during the season. However, I also know that it won’t be easy so I need to keep training hard and working with the team to make sure my level stays consistently high.”

Tony Cairoli said: “The first race of the season and we didn’t expect much but both races on the podium was OK. We know where we need to work, and we are still quite far away from our form but it was good to get a race done before the first Grand Prix. Now we have clear ideas.”

Maxime Renaux won the MX2 championship.

MX2 Moto – Internazionali d’Italia 2020

1Guadagnini Mattia30:11.603
2Adamo Andrea30:14.01402.411
3Rubini Stephen30:15.03703.434
4Renaux Maxime30:15.56503.962
5Damm Bastian Bogh30:21.41909.816
6Fernandez Ruben30:27.02015.417
7Lapucci Nicholas30:31.37719.774
8Harrison Mitchell30:32.30820.705
9Lesiardo Morgan30:32.96221.359
10Ostlund Alvin30:33.13821.535
11Kutsar Karel30:47.56635.963
12Lugana Paolo30:51.81340.21
13Puccinelli Matteo31:00.34348.74
14Crawford Nathan31:02.86951.266
15Zonta Filippo31:03.57151.968
16Edelbacher Roland31:05.05553.452
17Polak Petr31:05.96254.359
18Florian Lion31:13.8921:02.289
19Stauffer Marcel31:17.1401:05.537
20Sandner Michael31:21.7431:10.140
21Pancar Jan31:30.0311:18.428
22Goupillon Pierre31:31.8201:20.217
23Tropepe Giuseppe31:35.0571:23.454
24Scuteri Emilio31:41.3291:29.726
25Kovacs Adam Zsolt31:43.1211:31.518
26Zanotti Andrea31:53.4381:41.835
27Roosiorg Hardi31:54.9291:43.326
28Spies Maximilian31:59.3881:47.785
29Corti Lorenzo32:03.4821:51.879
30Genot Cyril32:12.0942:00.491
31Sileika Thomas32:58.4702:46.867
32Iacopi Manuel29:52.9831 Lap
33Tamai Mario30:16.9661 Lap
34Manucci Alessandro30:18.0371 Lap
35Furbetta Joakin24:58.9543 Laps
36Meier Glen24:55.2694 Laps
37Chanton Maurice20:14.6376 Laps
38Horgmo Kevin18:31.8987 Laps
39Grothues Caleb Mark11:21.55610 Laps
40Bosio Gioele10:35.83611 Laps

MX2 Championship Points – Internazionali d’Italia 2020

1RENAUX Maxime265
3ADAMO Andrea155
4DAMM Bastian Bogh155
5GEERTS Jago120
6KUTSAR Karel112
7LUGANA Paolo104
8WATSON Ben100
9FACCHETTI Gianluca100
10LESIARDO Morgan99
12VIALLE Tom80
13RUBINI Stephen80
14HARRISON Mitchell79
15ZONTA Filippo77
16BENISTANT Thibault65
17CENERELLI Gianmarco61
18HAARUP Mikkel60
19SCUTERI Emilio57
20LAPUCCI Nicholas56
23CRAWFORD Nathan53
24MEIER Glen52
25GOUPILLON Pierre51
26QUARTI Yuri50
27TROPEPE Giuseppe48
28CORTI Lorenzo48
29ZANOTTI Andrea47
30POLAK Petr42
31IACOPI Manuel39
32GENOT Cyril39
33MANUCCI Alessandro39
34SPIES Maximilian38
35FLORIAN Lion38
36KOVACS Adam Zsolt37
37OSTLUND Alvin36
38ROOSIORG Hardi36
39PANCAR Jan31
40FURBETTA Joakin30
41GIUZIO Raffaele Michael30

MX1 Mantova Results

MX1 Moto – Internazionali d’Italia 2020

1Gajser Tim29:23.092
2Cairoli Antonio29:32.32609.234
3Monticelli Ivo29:45.44222.35
4Evans Mitchell29:49.11126.019
5Forato Alberto29:49.62126.529
6Bogers Brian29:50.14827.056
7Jasikonis Arminas29:51.50428.412
8Jacobi Henry30:17.23754.145
9Cervellin Michele30:32.4221:09.330
10Lupino Alessandro30:37.7231:14.631
11Bernardini Samuele30:54.2691:31.177
12Bengtsson Jonathan30:57.2541:34.162
13De Bortoli Davide31:06.1701:43.078
14Koch Tom31:09.1551:46.063
15Pezzuto Stefano31:23.5832:00.491
16Bersanelli Edoardo29:27.1431 Lap
17Gorini Andrea29:30.6101 Lap
18Todd Brad29:39.4441 Lap
19Lusbo Andero29:43.4041 Lap
20Fabre Yannick29:53.4301 Lap
21Nermann Johannes30:01.7061 Lap
22Pellegrini Angelo30:05.3321 Lap
23Bertuzzo Pier Filippo30:12.6561 Lap
24Contessi Alessandro30:14.8941 Lap
25Otsuka Gota30:18.2701 Lap
26Savioli Ramon30:26.2341 Lap
27Lolli Marco30:28.3201 Lap
28Charlier Maxime30:35.1341 Lap
29Deghi Gianluca30:41.7121 Lap
30Tarasov Volodymyr30:50.0961 Lap
31Zenato Sebastian30:52.2881 Lap
32Andreis Alex30:59.7351 Lap
33Salina Pietro31:08.0151 Lap
34Paganini Marco22:27.7985 Laps
35Mantovani Michael21:28.1786 Laps
36Leonov Vladislav16:36.2428 Laps
37Lentini Alessandro10:32.08311 Laps
38Lagaren Erison4:53.84814 Laps
39Ghetti Samuele2:38.32115 Laps
0Rizzardi Massimiliano00:00.0Non Partito

MX1 Championship Points – Internazionali d’Italia 2020

1GAJSER Tim360
2EVANS Mitchell265
3JASIKONIS Arminas190
5FORATO Alberto150
6BOGERS Brian146
7JACOBI Henry142
8CERVELLIN Michele125
9CAIROLI Antonio100
10LUPINO Alessandro96
11DE BORTOLI Davide85
12SEEWER Jeremy80
13LUSBO Andero76
14NERMANN Johannes71
15DESALLE Clement65
16KAHRO Erki64
17TONUS Arnaud60
18BERNARDINI Samuele59
19GORINI Andrea59
20BERTUZZO Pier Filippo58
21BENGTSSON Jonathan56
22TARASOV Volodymyr55
23TODD Brad53
24OTSUKA Gota53
25DEGHI Gianluca47
26PAULIN Gautier45
27LEONOV Vladislav39
28JONASS Pauls34
29CHARLIER Maxime34
30CONTESSI Alessandro32
31SALINA Pietro32
32FEBVRE Romain28
33KOCH Tom28
34ANDREIS Alex27
35PEZZUTO Stefano26
36BERSANELLI Edoardo25
37LAGAREN Erison23
38FABRE Yannick21
39LA SCALA Andrea20
41CIANNAVEI Roberto18
43BRUGNONI Alessandro16

Supercampione – Mantova

Supercampione Moto – Internazionali d’Italia 2020

1Evans Mitchell29:20.645
2Gajser Tim29:29.80209.157
3Cairoli Antonio29:48.71028.065
4Monticelli Ivo29:57.23736.592
5Lupino Alessandro30:00.57139.926
6Jasikonis Arminas30:03.35442.709
7Jacobi Henry30:04.02343.378
8Forato Alberto30:09.13248.487
9Bogers Brian30:15.86355.218
10Rubini Stephen30:32.1391:11.494
11Cervellin Michele30:33.5861:12.941
12Crawford Nathan30:34.3001:13.655
13Harrison Mitchell30:35.4161:14.771
14Lesiardo Morgan30:59.2631:38.618
15Lapucci Nicholas31:00.7111:40.066
16Guadagnini Mattia31:06.0521:45.407
17Lusbo Andero31:27.4622:06.817
18Koch Tom29:30.4411 Lap
19Florian Lion29:31.9241 Lap
20Edelbacher Roland29:36.0011 Lap
21Sandner Michael29:37.1561 Lap
22Bernardini Samuele29:42.3331 Lap
23Bengtsson Jonathan29:43.1151 Lap
24Stauffer Marcel29:44.9791 Lap
25Ostlund Alvin29:54.8801 Lap
26Lugana Paolo30:06.3261 Lap
27Bersanelli Edoardo30:55.0661 Lap
28Zonta Filippo30:56.1561 Lap
29Damm Bastian Bogh27:26.6132 Laps
30Kutsar Karel28:24.2323 Laps
31Pezzuto Stefano24:57.9254 Laps
32Puccinelli Matteo19:58.1426 Laps
33Gorini Andrea16:07.0438 Laps
34Fernandez Ruben14:18.7949 Laps
35Adamo Andrea14:23.9779 Laps
36Fabre Yannick10:58.36111 Laps
37Todd Brad10:02.00112 Laps
38Renaux Maxime4:43.57014 Laps
39Polak Petr00.00016 Laps
40De Bortoli Davide00.00016 Laps

Supercampione Championship Points – Internazionali d’Italia 2020

1GAJSER Tim240
2EVANS Mitchell220
3JASIKONIS Arminas160
5FORATO Alberto105
6CERVELLIN Michele95
7RENAUX Maxime95
8LUPINO Alessandro94
9BOGERS Brian76
10JACOBI Henry75
12LUSBO Andero49
13KUTSAR Karel49
14LESIARDO Morgan36
15DAMM Bastian Bogh36
16CRAWFORD Nathan32
17LUGANA Paolo31
18BERNARDINI Samuele30
19HARRISON Mitchell30
20NERMANN Johannes26
21LAPUCCI Nicholas26
22KAHRO Erki24
25MEIER Glen20
26TARASOV Volodymyr19
27BENGTSSON Jonathan18
28ZONTA Filippo16
29QUARTI Yuri15
30DE BORTOLI Davide12
31TODD Brad10
32SEEWER Jeremy0
33CAIROLI Antonio0
34TONUS Arnaud0
35PAULIN Gautier0
36GEERTS Jago0
38HOFER Rene0
39RUBINI Stephen0
40FEBVRE Romain0
41BENISTANT Thibault0