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GasGas reveals bigger 2022 motocross and enduro range

When KTM and Husqvarna unveiled their 2022 enduro and motocross ranges, it was only a matter of time before sibling brand GasGas did the same. Here’s the official line on the new Austrian-built machines…

We’ve got new models for 2022, but our goal remains the same – to continue delivering performance offroad motorcycles for those who love to ride! We’re super-proud of the bikes we launched just under a year ago, but we’re going a little bigger for 2022, adding three new motocross machines to ensure we offer the most comprehensive dirt bike line-up there is! For kids, we’ve introduced a small wheel MC 85. For adults – the big kids – we’ve launched a new MC 250 2-stroke together with the MC 350F 4-stroke, strengthening our awesome range of dirt bikes. All new bikes will be available from October, all others are available now!

  • GASGAS unveil 18 performance motocross, enduro & cross country bikes for 2022
  • New motocross bikes bridge the gaps between models
  • Explore the range at your local dealer this August

Giving the next generation of motocross stars a bike that bridges the gap between our MC 65 and MC 85, our new small wheel MC 85 is the perfect choice for mini racers working their way up the ranks. With a carefully designed chassis that accommodates its smaller wheels, the bike ensures uncompromised handling and performance, and is ready to shred with a simple prod of the kick starter.

We ticked all the boxes when it came to building what we believe is the ultimate 250cc 2-stroke motocross bike, our MC 250. With an engine that boasts tons of torque down low together with ample power up top, with WP XACT Suspension it soaks up bumps and jumps no matter how hard or fast a rider hits them. And let’s not forget its mechanical simplicity and low running costs. Built for 2-stroke fans and unbelievably competitive in the hands of serious racers, everyone will enjoy an incredible experience on the MC 250.

Saving the best till last as some would say, our MC 350F is the third and final motocross bike we’ve added to our line-up. With strong, usable power and nimble handling, it’s a bike designed for fun-filled weekends at the track with your buddies. The bike is super-lightweight and for those who dare to twist the throttle that little bit harder, it’s fearlessly fast too!

New models aside, our 2022 dirt bike range is packed with seriously capable, seriously fun motocross, enduro and cross country models. With a total of nine amazing motocross bikes to choose from, when it comes to our enduro machines, we’re sticking to the four models we know riders love and trust. Each delivering incredible performance and reliability, our enduro line-up includes all of the most popular displacements. Be it one of our 2-stroke or 4-stroke bikes, now is the time to get on a GASGAS and hit the trails.

For US-based riders only, we’re also adding an EX 250. Fans of cross country riding will enjoy the bike’s lightweight, 2-stroke simplicity, as well as benefitting from EFI technology as standard, for longer rides between refueling stops and reduced emissions. The new EX 250 sits pretty next to its slightly bigger brother, the EX 300, and completes our cross country range, which also includes three awesome 4-stroke models. We now offer a bike for riders of all abilities, each delivering a playful riding experience that’s simply off the scale.

To get the most from of our exciting line-up of offroad bikes, we also offer a full range of GASGAS Technical Accessories and Apparel. For those looking to protect, improve and customize their MC, EC, or EX machines, our extensive catalogue of Technical Accessories includes just about everything needed, from wheels to exhaust systems, triple clamps to hand guards. Our collection of riding apparel delivers protection and comfort with style, and features clothing designed specifically for motocross, enduro, and cross country with head-to-toe solutions for both kids and adults!

Almost all of our offroad range will be available at your local dealership from August 2021, while the MC 250, MC 350F and small wheel MC 85 will arrive shortly after in October. Availability may differ from country to country.

We might be young at heart but we’re 100% focused on performance offroad motorcycles for those who love to ride!

Re-connecting GASGAS with fans across the world, getting back out there and celebrating our proud dirt bike heritage, proving our no-nonsense approach to performance while being loud, energetic, and very, very red… we’ve had a blast since we launched our 2021 bikes. More importantly, we learned a lot too.

We learned that by and large, our motocross, enduro, trial and cross country line-ups hit the mark. From Europe to the States to Australia and every place in between, we received a lot of positive feedback during the last 9 months. So, we decided to keep our bikes just the way they are. After all, If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it, right?

Inspired by the newcomers, the thrill seekers, and energized by the never give up attitudes and dogged performances of our factory racers, we’re more motivated than ever to keep on delivering inclusive and inviting dirt bikes that allow all riders to get out there and enjoy their passion. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? Getting out there and enjoying good times with your buddies.


We’ve added new models! For 2022 our awesome dirt bike line-up is bigger, better, and more complete than ever. In fact, our 26-bike strong 2022 line-up is the most complete range of motocross, enduro, trial and cross country models of any manufacturer. But let’s keep that as our little secret! What we want is for every rider to find their perfect GASGAS bike. So, in addition to our trial and eMTB ranges, we’ve added exciting, new motocross, enduro and cross country models for 2022.

// WHATS NEW FOR 2022 //

// NEW MC 85 17/14 //

Starting with our new MC 85 small wheel, mini racers can now keep it red when they progress through the junior classes. With its compact, 2-stroke motor and 6-speed gearbox, the MC 85 delivers big when it comes to useable, holeshot ripping power. And thanks to its proven, lightweight frame and WP XACT suspension, riders of all abilities can feel confident when pushing the limits. But it’s not all about performance, right? We’ve also made sure the bike not only performs incredibly, but that it looks great too! From our MC 65 to our MC 85, and on to our MC 125, we’re committed to junior rider development and supporting tomorrow’s champions every step of the way.

// NEW MC 250 //

The new MC 250 is for the 2-stroke lovers! Super light, super agile and with a motor than produces a ton of torquey, bottom-end grunt and plenty of top-end power, it’s a bike that mixes simplicity with performance. Offering more smiles per mile than just about any other motocrosser, no matter how hard or fast a rider hits jumps or rough, whooped-out straights, the WP XACT Suspension soaks up everything. Unbelievably competitive in the hands of serious racers, everyone will enjoy an incredible riding experience on the MC 250.

// NEW MC 350F //

In introducing the MC 350F, GASGAS now offers three 4-stroke motocross models, so we’ve got everything you need. Sandwiched between our ‘little’ 4-stroke, the super fun MC 250F, and the awesome MC 450F, the new MC 350F is the bike that does it all. Super agile with great handling, the 349cc motor (we can’t lie, it’s not quite a 350!) pumps out seriously impressive performance, which makes it the little-big bike that isn’t afraid to take it to the 450s. Featuring more proven technology than just about any other bike, on the outside we’ve ensured that well-thought-out ergonomics and super stylish shrouds, number boards and fenders allow riders unrestricted movement for complete comfort. The MC 350F is finished in a whole lot of red… just the way we like it!

// NEW EX 250 //

For the US market we’ve also launched the EX 250 – a little brother for our hugely popular EX 300. With 50cc being the only difference between the two models, out on the trails that little difference equates to a notably different riding experience. A little livelier, a little more revvy, the EX 250 loves to be ridden hard. Cross country fans will love the bike’s 2-stroke simplicity with the innovative electronic fuel injection system that allows for true gas-and-go riding simplicity. With a tough yet lightweight, laser-cut steel frame that’s engineered to work perfectly with the WP XACT suspension, the EX 250 delivers playful handling and incredible stability, perfect for getting on the gas with confidence. The new EX 250 sits next to its slightly bigger brother, the EX 300, and three awesome 4-stroke cross country models.

// PG&A //

To get the most from of our exciting line-up of offroad bikes, we also offer a full range of GASGAS Technical Accessories and Apparel. For those looking to protect, improve and customize their MC, EC, or EX machines, our extensive catalogue of Technical Accessories includes just about everything needed, from wheels to exhaust systems, triple clamps to hand guards. Our collection of riding apparel delivers protection and comfort with style, and features clothing designed specifically for motocross, enduro, and cross country with head-to-toe solutions for both kids and adults!



We might be the new kids on the MX scene, but we’re super focused on building bikes that stand out from the crowd due to their performance and bold, vibrant styling. Above all else we make bikes that allow riders to have a blast! Prioritising ease of use, value and reliability, all our MX bikes allow riders to push their limits and have serious fun! And for 2022 we’ve expanded our line-up to include the new MC 350F, the new MC 250 for 2-stroke lovers, and the small wheel MC 85 for the champions of tomorrow.


Our priority is to make bikes that are as rider friendly as they can be. From pros to beginners, we want everyone to push their limits, join in the action and have fun! This is why we focus on building the lightest possible machines that are perfectly balanced and easy to ride. From our super-strong, lightweight frames that guarantee playful handling and exceptional rider feedback, to our high-performance motors, all key areas of our bikes are designed and built to be as light and compact as possible.


It’s all about being an easy-rider, right? Or at least riding easily. We’re constantly working to improve the overall balance of each and every one of our bikes, to get things just right. Handling is a complex game that involves the suspension (of course) but also the chassis and the motor. GASGAS R&D staff spend countless hours perfecting the sweet spot, which ensures all bikes deliver great handling and awesome, but manageable, power.


When we build our bikes, we use the best, competition-focused components we can. It’s all about proven performance and reliability. We’re talking about WP Suspension, Maxxis tires, Odi Grips, Twin Air filters and forged triple clamps. Also, each and every motor is first filled with MOTOREX’s world championship winning lubricants, ensuring every engine gets the very best start in life.


Proud to be loud, and very red! We’re not backwards when it comes to stepping forward, and certainly don’t shy away from doing things the way we want to do them. Our energetic personalities are a lot like the way our motocross bikes look – distinct, loud and very red. Clean lines and bold colours is just the way we like things.

//– ENDURO //


There’s nothing better than hitting the trails and heading for the mountains with friends! Pretty much, as long as GASGAS has been building bikes, we’ve been into enduro in a big way. Today our enduro line-up allows riders of all ages and abilities to explore and enjoy their local trails. With 2-stroke and 4-stroke bikes that all feature the latest technologies, distinctive styling and celebrate our unique Spanish heritage, all models deliver well-proven performance for no-nonsense riding enjoyment.


Super clever, yet super simple! Our Engine Management Systems (EMS) measure, calculate, adjust and optimize to ensure all GASGAS enduro bikes run super clean all the time! No matter the conditions, our EC models instantly fire into life with the press of a button and deliver enhanced performance each and every ride. And there’s no need for pre-mixing fuel either.


Style and substance, you get ‘em both on all GASGAS enduro bikes! Not only do our EC models look great and reflect our vibrant, Spanish personality, they feature bodywork that’s designed to allow riders to hold on, take charge, move around easily and generally feel completely as one with their bike. With considered ergonomics, it’s easy to get on the gas!


It’s all about progression, comfort and ensuring absolute rider confidence when it comes to GASGAS enduro suspension. That’s why all of our bikes feature a rear suspension linkage, as well as awesome WP XACT suspension. Helping to soak up the smaller bumps and allowing riders to push harder and faster across rougher high-speed trails, the rear linkage helps ensures the very best bike handling.


All GASGAS 2-stroke and 4-stroke enduro bikes are EURO 5 homologated, which means they’re super clean running while still delivering proven performance and a whole lot of fun!



There’s so much to love about the simplicity of cross country racing! From the first turn bar banging to gnarly trails and wide-open thrills, it’s about beating your buddies and pushing the limits. That’s why our cross country bikes offer playful, energetic performance. Designed to be distinctive and meet the needs of all woods racers, they offer proven performance for a whole lot of fun! And for 2022 we’ve added a new cross country model – the EX 250!


Everyone knows that size matters, and so do we! But bigger isn’t always better, which is why all our cross country motors are super compact. Still pumping out all the power riders need (smooth and strong is the way we like it) by designing and building super-compact motors we can ensure the very best bike handling too. With all moving parts as close to as possible to the bikes’ center of gravity, all cross country models are super agile, and lightweight.


Our cross country bikes rip! Be it one of our 2-stroke or 4-stroke models, in the hands of an expert racer they’re out-and-out podium contenders. With true cross country specific transmissions, powerful, lightweight motors, agile frames, and WP XACT suspension, chasing down your friends, and a podium result, is anything but difficult.


Crisp clean lines for a striking look, that’s all GASGAS! There was no way our bikes were going to be any other color than red – they’re eye catching, loud and stands out from the crowd. A direct expression of our Spanish personality, each cross country model features considered ergonomics for unrestricted rider movement.


Feet-up and as smooth as silk, or sat down, feet out and heavy on the throttle! We know that everyone has their own way of riding, which is why we build our cross country bikes to be as light as possible, so they help everyone. Stood up or sat down, less weight, and a lower center of gravity, makes for better handling, better turning, and no matter what your style, makes it easier to get on the gas and stay on the gas!