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Injected 300 four-stroke is star of 2020 TM range

Boutique Italian manufacturer has taken the wraps off its 2020 motocross and enduro bikes, featuring two-and four strokes, both fuel injected and with carbs.

Injected 300 four-stroke MX bike

The big news is a fuel injected 300cc four-stroke, which has a new engine with new cylinder head, throttle body, conrod, piston, crank, exhaust system with twin silencers and improved forks.

The injected 300 enduro

The 300 enduro bike gets the same modifications, as well as a new-look headlight shroud and LED lights.

2020 TM 250F

The 2020 250F retains its twin exhausts and gets improved forks and other detail changes.

TM 450 MX bike

The mighty 450 gets new twin fuel injectors throttle body, a new cylinder head with improved ducts for higher performance and a split exhaust manifold for the new exhaust system, a new conrod and ECU.

The new 85

The 85cc youth bike has new Mupo forks, new port timing and like the rest f the range, new graphics.

The new 125

The 125 and 144 smoker has a new exhaust power valve drive system with on-board motor, new port timing and revamped forks.

The 125/ 144 smoker enduro is injected

The Fuel injection 125 and 144 have a new exhaust valve drive system with on-board motor, new port timing, ignition system and crankshaft. The forks are revamped and there are LED headlight and indicators.

The new 250

The 250 and 300 have an improved kickstart and improved suspension forks.

The fuel injected 250 and 300 enduro have new ECU maps, new radiators ready for an optional cooling fan assembly, and improvements to the cooling and oil system. Te kickstart has been changed and there are revamped forks, and the new headlight shroud and LED lighting.