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Knee concerns for Austin Forkner

With five overall moto victories in 2019, Austin Forkner season was set to end in Supercross silverware. Unfortunately on Saturday night in Nashville the Kawasaki rider hurt his knee in a nasty crash early on in the evening. He posted that he needs to check it out with the specialists to see the extent of the damage if any, fingers crossed he’s fine.

“Welp not how I wanted that to go. As some of you prolly know I got sketchy in the whoops and stuck my leg out and did something to my knee in second practice. Tried to ride in third practice and was doing a rhythm and something worse happened, didn’t even crash just landed and something definitely went wrong in my knee. I’m very disappointed in myself and the situation. No results yet getting it checked out tomorrow. I’m trying my best so just gotta trust the plan that HE has. Thanks to everyone for the continued support”

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