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KTM unveils 2022 motocross range

Just a week after sister brand Husqvarna unveiled its new 2022 bikes, KTM has taken the wraps of the new orange machines. The official info says:

The most complete and most technologically advanced line-up of Motocross and Supercross machinery is here. Featuring models to cater for all competitive needs, the updated KTM SX range is set to cut the dirt and bring the championship-winning experience even closer to riders across the world.

After decades of seamless flow of information from the race paddock to KTM’s production line, the complete 2022 KTM SX range is closer than ever to the bikes that are winning titles. Engineered on the racetrack, and perfectly meeting KTM’s superior standards for performance in their updated 2022 livery, the new models are the absolute reference for Motocross and Supercross competition worldwide.

Built for those who know the importance of a solid technical base, the KTM SX-F model range is the choice of winners. The 2022 4-Stroke range includes three models that take advantage of KTM’s considerable gains in the segment featuring the latest WP XACT suspension technology and advanced tech solutions including Traction Control, Launch Control, variable engine mapping and reliable starters.

The purest definition of advanced motorcycle technology, the 2022 KTM 450 SX-F is an extremely compact package that produces an unrivalled 63 hp in the most effective way possible. The KTM 250 SX-F features unmatched outright speed in a class that pushes the boundaries of performance and the KTM 350 SX-F ideally mixes 250 agility with even more engine grunt.

Building upon a legacy of class-leading performance for aspiring and experienced racers alike, the new 2-Stroke range includes three distinct models. A benchmark in the division, the KTM 125 SX is the development of the bike that occupied seven of the 12 top spots in the 2020 EMX125 European Championship. In its updated 2022 trim, the KTM 150 SX can battle with the potent 250 4-Strokes, while the KTM 250 SX is a 2-Stroke powerhouse with the same light feeling.

All full-size 2022 KTM SX models introduce a frame finishing coated in racing orange to further reinforce the proximity to the championship winning machines of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing stars. The updated frame aligns perfectly with the new blue seat cover and the fresh colors in the graphics to emphasize visually the close link to KTM’s Factory machinery.

Complementing KTM’s 2022 SX range is a series of Sportminicycles that share the exact same race-driven development approach as KTM’s full-size Motocross bikes. Junior riders that climb on any of the KTM 50 SX, KTM 65 SX and KTM 85 SX models can do so knowing that they are experiencing class-leading performance, state-of-the-art WP suspension, high-end brakes and minimal weight. For tech-savvy riders, the wheels can start rolling with the 2022 KTM SX-E 5, the latest incarnation of a high-end electric mini-crosser that can grow together with the young rider on it.

Joachim Sauer – KTM Product Manager Offroad:“The new SX range is all about the proximity to our race machinery, and the bikes that are doing the business on racetracks around the continents. We’ve been refining these packages for several years and we feel the connection, both aesthetically but also in terms of performance, is now closer than ever. To prove our point, we gave production bikes to MXGP and MX2 World Champions and I’m glad to confirm they were surprised and impressed with their performance. It was fitting to give the 2022 models an even ‘racier’ look with the blue and orange design and to remind riders and fans that there isn’t a more READY TO RACE motocross range in any paddock anywhere.”



The new 2022 KTM Motocross range is the most complete and most technologically advanced line-up of Motocross and Supercross competition machines that brings KTM’s production bikes closer than ever before to its MXGP and AMA championship-winning motorcycles.

Engineered on the race track and honed by riders who push for victories across the globe, the 2022 KTM Motocross range is the purest definition of the claim READY TO RACE.


From the KTM 50 SX MINI, all the way to the class-leading KTM 450 SX-F, racing has provided the ideal proving ground for these machines. On the rutted racetracks and hallowed ground of numerous world championships, each one of the 2022 KTM SX models has been created with one end-goal in mind: to win.


The technical research and knowledge gained through dominance in Motocross and Supercross championships has been used to enhance the 2022 SX range, producing the data and refinement needed to stay ahead of the chasing pack.

KTM’s success in the FIM MXGP World Championship, the AMA Supercross series, the AMA Pro Nationals and a myriad of national competitions around the world is undisputed. Every model from the new 2022 KTM SX range carries development feedback from the likes of Jeffrey Herlings, Cooper Webb, Antonio Cairoli, Marvin Musquin and Tom Vialle to name just a few.

Bikes close to those used for victories indoors and outdoors across the world will be in the hands of athletes and fans with the 2022 line-up of the KTM SX spectrum. From the strongest 2-stroke engine to the fieriest 4-stroke motor, there isn’t more competitive or formidable machinery on the race gate.


Take the holeshot and power through to the finish line… KTM’s SX models have been created to fulfill every racer’s needs when on track and in the midst of the battle. For 2022, the new model range takes full advantage of all the considerable knowledge in terms of the CroMo steel chassis construction, the useable power from the SX-F and SX motors, the latest standard settings of WP XACT suspension and other premium components such as the Brembo brakes and clutch systems, CNC machined triple clamps and profiled plastics with all-new graphics. The 2022 KTM SX models also benefit from the latest applications for Traction Control, Launch Control, variable engine mapping and reliable electric starters.

The high standards for the performance of the KTM SX bikes are rigidly set for 2022 and mean the latest allocation of motorcycles are once more the absolute reference for Motocross and Supercross competition. To further reinforce the aesthetic proximity to the championship-winning machines of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing stars, the full-sized 2022 KTM SX models introduce a frame finishing coated in racing orange. The new frame aligns perfectly with the lighter colors in the graphics and the new blue seat cover to further emphasize the close link to their Factory ‘brothers’.



KTM’s 4-stroke and 2-stroke engine technology has earned reputations for their mud-ripping potency and their increased reliability.

Single cylinder, liquid cooled four-valve DOHC with finger followers (rocker levers for the KTM 450 SX-F) form the 4-stroke models with Keihin fuel injection, EMS and 44 mm throttle bodies across the board. Two oil pumps with pressure lubrication, a 7-Liter fuel tank and lightweight aluminum silencers are other consistent features.

Perfectly complying with the high-performance requirements of these models, the 2022 KTM 250 SX-F and KTM 350 SX-F have been fitted with an updated friction bearing on their counter-balancer shafts.

The 17 kg 2-Stroke engine for the KTM 125 SX offers enviable snappy throttle response from the get-go. The same raspy retort characterizes the KTM 150 SX, and twin-valve KTM 250 SX single cylinder that makes use of a balancer shaft to minimize vibration. The 2-Stroke models use a wet multi-disc DS clutch (DDS on the KTM 250 SX), Brembo hydraulics and Kokusan ignition/engine management.


An acquainted KTM SX rider will already know about the acute track surface connection and the nimble willingness of both the advanced 4-Stroke and flighty 2-Stroke chassis. Exploiting KTM’s many years of experience and knowledge with CroMo steel fabrication – and the progressive techniques still being made with the material – each KTM SX uses a double cradle frame. Around this efficient package, valuable weight is saved with a tough aluminum subframe and Neken aluminum handlebar. The geometry is set at 63.9 degrees on the steering head with a 22 mm offset on the triple clamp for all the bikes. Seat height is also uniform and pegged at 950 mm.


KTM’s decades-old association with WP suspension continues to produce some of the most advanced and reliable suspension material on the Offroad market today. The marriage of the KTM SX design and the WP suspension technology and knowledge endows the KTM SX package with even more competitiveness. WP XACT 48 mm forks brings 310 mm of travel while the WP XACT shock clocks 300 mm. Low friction seals are a key element of the 2022 KTM SX models and firm stock settings come as standard in order to create the sensation of confidence at speed.


The KTM SX models are representative of pure design-function thinking. The bikes are shaped for one thing: maximum performance. This means the ergonomics and the contact points are finely tuned for the most efficient movement, grip and harmony between rider and motorcycle. The profile of the bodywork, saddle, tank and the general riding position comes directly from feedback at the highest level of racing. The Red Bull KTM Factory Racing riders are a crucial part of the testing cycle. Although the KTM SX bikes benefit from this elite input the riding stance of all models are universalized to suit a spread of height and body shapes and then can also be further adjusted. An example can be seen with the handlebars and several optional positions. Pegs and levers are one of the first areas that are normally personalized to taste as well.


The premium SX-F models provide the latest wares of Traction Control and Launch Control as well as the possibility to customize engine settings and get suspension set-up recommendations via your smartphone using the optional Connectivity Unit.


The 2022 KTM SX-F model range is the choice of winners, ambitious privateers and those that know the importance of an indispensable technical base. A 4-stroke powerhouse, the flagship KTM 450 SX-F is a machine made for champions. The KTM 250 SX-F has unmatched outright speed in a category that pushes the boundaries of performance and the KTM 350 SX-F aptly mixes 250 handling with even more engine grunt and output.


KTM’s 2-Stroke line-up is headed by the KTM 125 SX which is the benchmark in the division. The bike’s race success is undisputed, with seven of the 12 top spots in the 2020 EMX125 European Championship using this machine. In his updated 2022 trim, the KTM 150 SX is able to battle with the potent 250 4-Strokes, while the KTM 250 SX is a 2-Stroke powerhouse with the same light feeling.


Junior racers can trace their development steps from KTM 50 SX, KTM 65 SX and KTM 85 SX: bikes that not only progress their riding skills but also meet their goals when on the track.


The wheels start rolling with the innovative KTM SX-E 5 and the ideal introduction to offroad with an adaptable frame for a child’s growth and enviable electric propulsion.



KTM is READY TO RACE. We live and thrive on the challenge of providing equipment that can go from the crate to great. We also know there are times when riders and racers will still demand that small slice of ‘extra’, or they want to personalize their KTM SX even more. This is where the copious array of products and options in the KTM PowerParts catalog becomes extremely tempting, and in some cases unmissable.

WP Pro Components bring upgrades to the XACT forks that permit extra adjustability and reinforced internal material to cope with even bigger or harsher conditions. The interior of the Cone Valve forks features less friction and smaller tolerances with higher resistance and lower weight. The same improvements come with the XACT Pro shock with options for more control, comfort and rebound damping.


  • Better traction for perfect starts
  • Mounted directly on the fork
  • Made of high-strength aluminum
  • Designed by racers for racers


  • Optimally tuned steering stem stiffness
  • Ideal flexibility – precisely customized to the WP fork
  • 100 % alignment of the fork tubes
  • Including steering stem with steering head bearing already pressed in


  • Made from high-strength and robust C-SMC material (Carbon Sheet Moulding Compound)
  • Decoupled from the frame by rubber pads
  • Custom design – specifically developed for KTM models
  • Thickness: 3 mm


  • Prevents abrasion of the frame by dirt, falls or the rider’s boots
  • Protects trousers and boots from burns on the exhaust side


  • Custom designed seat for an uncompromising look
  • Seat cover with transversely stitched ribs
  • Maximum grip with unrestricted freedom of movement
  • Standard seat height


  • Extra strong sheet steel with nickel-plated surface
  • Wide, even engine speed range which provides better throttle response
  • Combination with FMF silencer recommended


As much as the REPLICA team wear will allow orange-bleeders to look exactly like the KTM Factory riders and staff in paddocks across the globe, the KTM PowerWear collection is not only about apparel. Fans can also align the look with their new KTM SX when in the saddle with a host of practical and functional gear and protection. Far from being a licensing afterthought, the KTM PowerWear line-up is formed from a series of associations with renowned specialists in the motorcycle field such as Alpinestars, Airoh, Scott, Leatt and many more.


  • Removable, magnetic, washable, moisture-wicking inner lining and cheek pads
  • Elaborate ventilation system with high-performance aerodynamics
  • Weight 1,300 g (± 50 g)
  • Made exclusively for KTM by Airoh


  • Mesh panels for optimum ventilation
  • Perforated ventilation zones
  • Taped sleeve cuffs
  • Optimum fit in riding position (front short, back long)


  • Lightweight microfibre, and impact and abrasion-resistant TPU shell
  • Anatomical shin and calf plates
  • Two grip zones on the inner side
  • Exclusively for KTM by Alpinestars


  • Innovative locking system with quick lock
  • Belt system for stabilization
  • Can be combined with A-10 Full Chest Protector
  • Exclusively made for KTM by Alpinestars


The FIM Motocross World Championship and AMA Supercross series are the most prestigious competitions when it comes to the sport of motocross. Serving as a development taskforce for KTM’s SX production models, the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team has enjoyed incredible success in both championships over the last decades.

In AMA Supercross and the AMA Pro Motocross championship Red Bull KTM Factory Racing contests the series with Cooper Webb and Marvin Musquin aboard the KTM 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITION, along with Maximus Vohland in the 250 division. Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Cooper Webb concluded the 2021 AMA Supercross 450SX Championship season with a dominating victory aboard his KTM 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITION at the final round in Salt Lake City, Utah to clinch his second, and KTM’s fifth crown in the ultra-competitive series.

For 2021, KTM also fields a strong line-up in the FIM MXGP Motocross World Championship. With a combined total of 15 world titles to their names across the two main categories Antonio Cairoli, Jeffrey Herlings and Jorge Prado are all ready to take on the world aboard their KTM 450 SX-F machines. In the MX2 category, KTM has won 12 of the last 13 titles and fields 2020 World Champion Tom Vialle alongside Rene Hofer and Mattia Guadagnini aboard the KTM 250 SX-F.