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Lacapelle kicks off 2022 Internationals

The traditional pre-season Internationalsa will start at Lacapelle Marival on February 6 next year, then move on to Hawkstone Park a week later on February 13 before the British GP a week later.

2021 was not a normal year for the French club, as covid forced them to cancel the pre-season Masters event, but they had the opportunity to organise the French MXGP later in the season.

“We had the choice between February 6th and 13th, but being just one week before the first GP was a problem for some teams. We ask several teams and also some top riders what they would prefer, and most of them say that 6th would be better so we have decided to organise on February 6th. Of course we never know how will be the weather at this period, but nobody can predict anything with the weather, including in March or April,” said club president Vincent Ayroles.