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Leaked: Is this the 2020 Honda 500?

A Kiwi website has leaked images of what it claims could be a possible 2020 limited edition Honda CR500.

Dirtbike Lover website in New Zealand posted the following picture, and it’s not even April Fool’s Day.

No confirmation from Honda of course at this blatant Photoshop mock-up, but the website said “HONDA Released a private statement that has been leaked within a HONDA Forum, that talks of a new CR5OO are in the making for the 2020 model line ups, the bike will have 92bhp and weighs 197lbs, frame 14kg lighter than the original, and a top speed of 87mph. The CR500 will be in a limited number.”

Don’t hold your breath, though… as Honda has already revealed all its 2020 CR and CRF machines, this bike clearly has a four-stroke throttle off a CRF, and there seems to be no silencer – unless it’s supposed to have a tiny 125-style end can under the side plate. And when was the last time any dirt bike had a claimed top speed? Keep on dreaming…

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