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Muddy Masters action at Culham

Day one of this year’s first round of the Bridgestone British Masters came to a close on a wet Culham circuit on Oxfordshire but considering that rain that’s fallen over the last couple of day the track was in good racing condition, writes Dick Law.

Henry Siddiqui won both of the Amateur MX1 races from Adam Wells and Josh Bentley and goes in to day two with a six-point advantage over the rest of the class riders.

Harvey Antrobus = 65cc

Charlie Putman with a first and a second place is in the lead of the amateur MX2’s with Oliver Benton and Corie Southwood tied in second and third just six marks behind the leader.

Greg Fisher was unbeaten in the clubman class but is only four points clear of Michael Green who chased him over the finish line in both races with Dean Hakes third.

The start of the MXY2’s

Dominic Lancett and Todd Leadbitter were tied for the lead in the youth MXY2’s with race one winner Adam Collingo third, just two points behind the leading pair.

Sam Nunn dominated the 125cc youth class with two wins with Ike Carter second and Cullen Scott third.

Leo Whordey = MXY2

Ryan Mawhinney won both big wheel 85’s with Buster Hart second in both races while Vinnie Guthrie third overall after a troubled first race.

Ollie Colmer was unbeaten in the small wheel 85’s and has a ten-point advantage over Reece Ross and Braydon Ferguson.

The start of the 125s

Billy Askew and Warren Clarke shared the wins in the junior 65’s with Harvey Antrobus third, just two behind Clarke’s second place.

The weather looks better for day two with the added attraction of a full start line of pro riders will making even more interesting.

Joey Benfield = 65
Callum Crossland = MXY2
Ryan Waggot = 65cc
Ollie Addy = SW 85
Rheanna Morgan-Rogers = SW85
Vinnie Guthrie = BW85
Ryan Mawhinney = BW85
= Ben Prat = BW85
The start of the clubman
Alex Harvey and Dean Hakes = Clubman
Greg Fisher = Clubman
Josh Watson-Bailey = Clubman
Alex Harvey = Clubman
Michael Green = Clubman
Dominic Lancett = MXY2
Declan Hunter = MXY2

First day results

Amateur MX1:

1 Henry Siddiqui

2 Adam Wells

3 Josh Bently

4 Harry Bradley

5 Ryan Bruce

Amateur MX2:

1 Charlie Putman

2 Oliver Benton

3 Corie Southwood

4 Max Ingham

5 Aaron Ongley


1 Greg Fisher

2 Michael Green

3 Dean Hakes

4 Bradley Priest

5 Scott Isherwood


1 Dominic Lancett

2 Todd Leadbitter

3 Adam Collingo

4 Rory Jones

5 Aaron Patstone


1 Sam Nunn

2 Ike Carter

3 Cullen Scott

4 Drew Anderson

5 Elliott Bradshaw

Big wheel 85:

1 Ryan Mawhinney

2 Buster Hart

3 Vinnie Guthrie

4 Sam Davis

5 Harrison McCann

Small wheel 85:

1 Ollie Colmer

2 Reece Ross

3 Braydon Ferguson

4 Kayde Rayns

5 Liam Bennett

Junior 65:

1 Billy Askew

2 Warren Clarke

3 Harvey Antrobus

4 Will Haddock

5 Dylan Meaney

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