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Musquin to star in new Paris Supercross

Marvin Musquin will face Cole Seely, Zach Osborne, Dean Wilson, Christian Craig, Dylan Ferrandis and more as the most famous Supercross in Europe returns to Paris in a brand new high-tech stadium that’s being built for the 2024 Olympics!

The “new” Paris Supercross, coming on November 18-19, is at the U Arena, in the heart of Paris La-Defense business district. “Of course we are happy to come back to the City of Lights, where it all began, back in 1984”, explained Xavier Audouard, Sports Director of the Event.

SX17 Track

“The U Arena is made for shows as much as it is made for sports, it is part of the Paris 2024 Olympics venues network and will be home of the Paris rugby team. It is completely high-tech and unique with its “U” shape and huge wall-screen. It has a roof, is heated and will provide the highest standard comfort our fans have ever experienced. The stadium will be finished on October 2 and the Rolling Stones will inaugurate it on October 19th. There will be a lot of buzz in the big media around this venue, for sure. And next is the Supercross, which will be the first sports event in the building, one month later! The 24,000 spectators’ capacity is perfect for us, as everyone in the house will remain close from the action, around a US-size track, for the first time in the history of this Event. The angle of the stands is similar to Bercy and should create the same kind of atmosphere. This is what we had always dreamed about so everyone is very excited, including the riders, of course!

“We were able to secure a strong contingent of riders from the US scene to come race on a track that will remind them of home and allow them to display the full level of their incredible skills. Marvin MUSQUIN and Cole SEELY have won Supercross before, they’ll want to become King of Paris and gain valuable confidence for the upcoming season in America!

“Zach OSBORNE comes as a double champion, he has been the most successful American rider in 2017. Him and Cole are members of the US Team for MXDN for good reason! Dean WILSON and Christian CRAIG had a great summer in the Nationals. Dylan FERRANDIS is expecting to be back on a bike in October and ready for Paris after his very promising US rookie season. The whole French SX Tour gang – the IZOIRD, SOUBEYRAS, AUBIN, TEILLET, BOOG, ARANDA, RAMETTE, COULON, RICHIER… – will battle the AMA riders and defend their territory.

SX17 General Map


“The 16 invited riders will race two six-minute Sprints and a 15-minute Main. The Sprints pay points and the Main double points. Each time the gate will drop, points will be on the line, so this format should provide intense racing. We’ll also have the Superpole, of course (for cash – no points). The SX2 support class will be the French SX Tour championship, which always delivers great action. We are working on getting Darryn Durham approved to race this class on an electric Alta as a wild card, which would be a world premiere!”.


“Our Freestyle Show will also adopt a new format with two sessions, the second being a Best Tricks Contest. Josh SHEEHAN, Jackson STRONG and David RINALDO will each perform two of their gnarliest tricks (double flips, front flips, rock solid flip and so on to be expected) … Edgar TORRONTERAS will be in the house, of course”.


“Overall, we’ll be up to our trademark of “100% SX, 100% FMX, 200% Show!”, but the goal is to reach a true “next-level” type of show for the fans, who have been so loyal through the years. And for our long-time sponsors including MONSTER ENERGY, HONDA, ALPINESTARS, PARTS EUROPE, AKRAPOVIC, BUD RACING, YCF… We’ll see you all in Paris! ”.




SX1 450 CLASS entries so far

Marvin MUSQUIN – France – KTM Red Bull Factory

Cole SEELY – USA – Honda HRC Factory

Zach OSBORNE – USA – Husqvarna Rockstar Factory

Dean WILSON – Scotland – Husqvarna Rockstar Factory

Christian CRAIG – USA – Honda Geico

Dylan FERRANDIS – France – Star Racing Yamaha

Fabien IZOIRD – France – Honda SR Motoblouz

Thomas RAMETTE – France – Suzuki SR 75 World Team

Cédric SOUBEYRAS – France – Suzuki JPM

Greg ARANDA – France – Kawasaki

Valentin TEILLET – Honda VRT 3AS

Xavier BOOG – France – Honda SR Motoblouz

Nicolas AUBIN – France – Amexio Suzuki

Cyrille COULON – France – Suzuki SR 75 World Team

Maxime DESPREY – Kawasaki Monster Energy Bud Racing

Florent RICHIER – France – Suzuki JPM


 Jackson STRONG – Australia – Monster Energy Yamaha

Josh SHEEHAN – Australia – Honda – Monster Energy

David RINALDO – France – Rockstar

Edgar TORRONTERAS – Spain – Monster Energy Yamaha


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