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MXGP heads to China for the final round on Sept 15

The final 2019 MXGP Round will be held in China on September 15thfor the first time. 

Last August the 16th the MXGP was presented in Shanghai with representatives from Shanghai Municipal Government in attendance and over 50 national media attending presenting additional details on the preparation of the event. In attendance at this opening press conference: Yihao Huang, H&H Group Marketing & Media manager, Jianhao Xu, one of the best Chinese MX rider, Ming Ni, Vice president of H&H group, Bill Ni, Chairman of H&H group, Yuan Yuan, Deputy Chief executive of Fengxian District, Stephan Macky. Carapiet, Chairman of the FIM Asia, Guangyu Yang, Director of China General Administration of Sport-Automobile and Motorcycle Department, Hongjuan Jiang, Bureau of Sports Department of Fengxian District, Hongguo Guo, Director of CAMF, Frank Zhu, Vice President of H&H Group.

The best motocross riders in the world will be welcomed by the Fengxian District and it was introduced additional activities will be settled during the GP. 

Yuan Yuan, Deputy Chief executive of Fengxian District first welcomed the public and use the occasion to thank Youthstream, the FIM and H&H Group to bring such a big inetrnational event as the FIM Motocross World Championship to China. 

For the upcoming event, the CAMF (Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of People’s Republic of China) and Shanghai Sports Bureau will cooperate to ensure a fantastic outcome of the event at international standards. 

We will contribute all our efforts to fully prepare the event to the international standard. We are raising the level and ability of race organization to create a pleasant environment and offer hospitality for the audience, dedicate to hold a successful, safe and splendid motorcross feast. We hope to show the fans the charm of this sport as well as the city characters and the broad mind of South Shanghai.

Huajie Ni, Chairmain of H&H group talked about MXGP and the long-term planning of the site: “I’ve always been hoping to bring MXGP into China. Thanks to FIM, CAMF and the local government, we finally introduce this event into China after years’ investigations and negotiations. Now we have less than 1 month left, the preparation comes to the sprint stage, all our staffs are dedicated to offer a safe and successful event to the motocross fans and the 70thbirthday of China.”

Then Guangyu Yang, Director of China General Administration of Sport-Automobile and Motorcycle Department talked about three aspects which can be benefited from holding MXGP event: “The FIM Motocross World Championship MXGP has enormous influence and since China is going to hold the final stand of this year, MXGP would promote every aspect of the event:  

  • Compitition level of the riders:Riders of MXGP are the best riders from different countries, representing the highest level of the world. Having national riders compete with them could increase the communication with foreign riders and raise the level of domestics.
  • Event operation ability:MXGP represents the world’s top motocross race and the preparation of the supplies are all the highest level. Holding this event would help improve the ability of race management and operation.
  • Business development:This event attracts fans and riders all over the world and would be reported through TV, internet, channels and other medias. Advertising of the event could combine sports with the industry to promote the business development of the motocross racing.”

Stephan Macky Carapiet, Chairman of the FIM Asia, expressed his welcome to everyone to come to China to feel the passion of motocross and his thanks to the cooperation: “On behalf of myself and our FIM President Jorge Viegas, I wish to share how glad we are to held in China the final stop of the event. We encourage everyone to make the most of this wonderful opportunity for the participating riders and teams to deliver their best as competitors and sportsmen – race to the best of your skills and abilities, and make us proud! I wish to thank the local organizers, local governme