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MXGP Rookie Project announced

By Youthstream.

A new project to educate young motocross riders in countries that are new to the sport of motocross such as Qatar, Thailand and Malaysia – called theMXGP Rookie project – will be trialled in November, and if it is successful it will be implemented at the start of 2017 with a four-year plan.

Three young riders, one from Belgium, one from Germany and three from The Netherlands, will be trained full time by people that specialise in Sports Psychology, Physical Training and Nutrition, for four months in Arnhem, The Netherlands, at the High Performance Centre Papendal. These riders will live with 375 other athletes from 12 different sporting disciplines, and they will also travel to Spain with Marcel Hartmen, the Manager of Team The Netherlands and member of the KMNV, throughout the winter where they can ride at a variety of different tracks.

Youthstream President Mr. Giuseppe Luongo said: “The MXGP Academy Rookie project is another extremely important step in helping young talent grow with the possibility of one day becoming a professional MXGP rider competing in the most prestigious motocross championship in the world. This project is the first of its kind in our sport and we would like to thank FIM-Europe, KNMV and the High Performance Center Papendal who together with Youthstream have driven and financed this activity. The goal is to build on this program and bring youth from all over the world to help them enter the world of professional Motocross without denying any schooling.”

FIM Europe President Dr. Wolfgang Srb, “I am very excited that we are close to the start of this promising project, after months of hard work, preparation and evaluation. FIM Europe does not only believe in sport as our core business but also, as an important pillar in education. Papendal is the perfect location and the partners give full support; KNMV with a vast experience in sport and training of young riders, the MXGP Academy with a strong record of training and promoting young talents, Youthstream as the leading promoter of motocross worldwide and FIM Europe as the biggest and most active Continental Union of FIM.”

Head Coach KMNV Mr. Marcel Hartman said, “This really is a unique motocross project where riders can make big steps in their individual development.”

All MXGP Rookies still go to school, so besides the motocross program they will continue their school education at the same time. Tailor made school programs with personal coaching and online lessons will be offered in association with their schools back home and the educational staff at Papendal.

Last but not least the KNMV supports the program with the services of life skill coach Mr. Henry Flierhuis who will assist the MXGP Rookies to develop their social skills. The following riders will join the MXGP Rookies trial: Marcel Conijn (NL), Raivo Dankers (NL), Raf Meuwissen (NL), Wannes Van De Voorde (BEL) and Marnique Appelt (GER).

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