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Nicholls injury update

British championship leader Jake Nicholls was airlifted out of Sunday’s Italian GP at Trentino after dislocating his hip without even crashing! He now faces an agonising wait to see the extent of his injuries, but has been told he’s not allowed to sit up for at least three weeks.

After posting some footage of him leaving the track in the air ambulance, he said: “Not the way I envisioned exiting GPs. Thanks to the medical staff at the track, they were good with me and a couple spoke good English.

“Thanks to Ian Browne and Shaun Osman for staying down here for me overnight, as well as my poor mum who came all the way to watch and never got to due to food poisoning on Saturday then dealing with me Sunday night! And mainly thanks to my gorgeous wife who flew out yesterday to be with me. Unaware what’s happening from here but I’m not allowed to sit up for 3 weeks so it’s not great.”

Nicholls currently has a 13-point lead in the British MX1 championship after winning the first two rounds of the eight-round series. The next round it at Canada Heights in two weeks.

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