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Night of the Jumps FMX insanity!

For the second year in a row, Jerez was scheduled to host the seventh round of the Freestyle MX World Championships, but due to adverse wind conditions during training, the riders couldn’t spend the required time getting used to the track. So it was decided to run the event but without world championship status.

The Night of the Jumps transformed into a Team Championship where three teams competed against each other: Team Spain with Dany Torres, Maikel Melero and Marc Pinyol; Team France with David Rinaldo, Brice Izzo and Remi Bizouard and Team World with Rob Adelberg, Libor Podmol and Petr Pilat.

In the final, riders from Spain and Team World took alternating runs before reaching the final result. It was Torres with the Double Grab Flip, Lazy Flip and Oxecutioner Flip combined with Melero’s Stripper Flip and California Roll which won over the judges. Check out the best tricks right here!



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