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No Anaheim for MTB pro Kerr

British mountain bike pro Bernard Kerr is not being allowed to race the Anaheim supercross due to issues with his licence. He has an FIM licence but has still not been allowed to start.

Kerr has spent the last few weeks in SoCal trying out on Supercross tracks and has had coaching from Jeremy McGrath. But today’s he’s gone on social media to explain why he can’t start. And he says it’s not all been some big PR stunt.

He said:: “I hate to say it but unfortunately I will not be rolling out into the stadium today to try and qualify at Anaheim 1. I’ve been told a bunch of different reasons why by the AMA and the FIM but all I really know is that even though I do have an FIM license they won’t let me. So THANK YOU so much for all the support it’s been unreal! I will do a full video after the event explaining as much as I can and thanking everyone that has supported this! It’s been one hell of a journey and experience so thank you again!: