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Police halt Mildenhall practice

After announcing a practice day for this weekend, the legendary Mildenhall has been forced to cancel after Suffolk Police ordered the event to be axed. That was despite the local authority and health and safety bosses giving the green light.

It’s a tough situation as several tracks have re-opened, mainly for private hire and following strict social distancing other Covid-19 measures. Mildenhall’s statement says:

Unfortunately after being given the green light to open this weekend from HSE and Local authority, we have have only this evening been ordered by Suffolk constabulary to not operate this weekend (Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th).

“During the emergency period no person may leave the place where they are living without reasonable excuse”

Motocross not being a good excuse to travel. Government guidelines do not account motocross as exercise. For further run formation read paragraph 6.1 of the coronavirus

As you can imagine we are just as perplexed and frustrated as all of you who would have been attending this weekend.All those that have booked in for this weekend have been refunded. We apologise and hope to have further updates when we know more.

Please refrain from ringing (track owner) Cliff. He will not answer calls from his personal mobile. He is very very gutted. This is the last thing he needs. At this moment nothing can be done, apart from wait for further information as to when we can operate. There should not be a question that can just wait.