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Reed hints he may race again in 2021

Chad Reed has given a big hint he may not hang up his boots following Sunday’s Supercross finale despite announcing 2020 would be his last year. The 38-year-old, who qualified for his 265th main event last night in Salt Lake, saw 2020 as his retirement season and a way to say thanks to the thousands of fans.

But since the last rounds have all been behind closed doors on one track, it’s clear it’s not totally fulfilled his expectations. Chances are he could race again in 2021 as a farewell tour, although he may decide not to contest the full season.

“15 down 2 to go, it’s going fast! Or will I just show up again because this isn’t real racing anyway? #indecisive. This whole experience is really weird, I’ve loved spending time with family and friends in Utah, what an amazing place to visit. But all things racing nothing is even remotely similar for me,” Reed said.

“Reminds me of old school practice days out at the factory test tracks in Cali with @therealreddog @dv934 and a full YOT squad just add in a chequered flag. By the way DV would have many more fastest qualifiers and a few more wins. Reminds me I miss those days and my old teammates, I learned so much from them.”