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Renthal reveals even fatter Fatbar!

The R-Works Fatbar36 is the ultimate in lightweight motocross handlebars. Utilizing Renthal’s 36Tech™ handlebar standard and proprietary Zarilium™ material to give a high strength handlebar at the lowest possible weight. The R-Works Fatbar36 is 36% lighter than our standard 28mm diameter Fatbar. More details are HERE!

How does the strength of R-Works Fatbar36 compare with the existing 28mm Fatbar?

The strength is the same as Renthal’s existing Fatbar. We have used the 36Tech™ and Zarilium® to maintain strength while reducing weight. Thus during a crash, Fatbar36will react in the same fashion as our current Fatbar28 when a rider experiences a serious crash.

Will the handlebars give the same ride feel?

Yes, we have designed the taper so it has the same strength and flex characteristics as our current Fatbar 28mm handlebars. The difference is the reduced weight.

Will the standard controls fit?

Yes, the handlebar tapers down to 22mm at each end, so works with standard controls.

Will the R-Works Fatbar36 need different clamps?

Yes 36Tech™ is a new clamping standard of 36mm and neither 22mm nor 28mm clamps will work with this handlebar. Renthal will offer a range of bar mounts to allow you to fit the handlebars to your original triple clamps.

Why does weight matter so much?

Every time you accelerate, brake, corner, jump you are working against the weight of the motorcycle. By reducing weight it improves the performance of your motorcycle in all of these areas which means improved lap times. This weight reduction is of particular importance as it reduces weight at the top end of the motorcycle, furthest from the center of gravity or at the extremity of the motorcycle. This reduction in weight (anywhere from 220 – 240 grams depending on bend) is also done in a very cost effective way to the customer, buying a Titanium bolt kit for instance to achieve the same weight savings could cost upwards of $5,000 USD.