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Rieju transforms: GasGas in disguise!

Budget Spanish bike brand Rieju has bought the rights to the GasGas range of competition enduro bikes and will produce them under their own name from their own factory from June.

GasGas was recently brought under control of KTM so any new GasGas enduro and motocross models will be made using the KTM and Husqvarna platform in Austria.

But Rieju will now make GasGas enduro bikes and made the following statement:

An agreement has been reached between the two Catalan companies that facilitates the sale by TORROT ELECTRIC EUROPA, S.A. of the intellectual and industrial property of the well-known Spanish enduro motorcycle platform that will now be manufactured and marketed under the RIEJU brand.

With this platform and under the GasGas banner, TORROT ELECTRIC EUROPA, S.A. launched the range of 2T models of 250 and 300 cc EC, XC and GP in 2017 and added the Ranger model in 2019. During this period TORROT ELECTRIC EUROPA, S.A. sold 4,500 units in more than 50 countries.

Models designed specifically to perform at the highest level in enduro and cross country competition, the result of which saw prestigious riders such as Christophe Nambotin, Antoine Basset, Jonathan Barragán, Danny McCanney and Alex Snow accomplishing international sporting successes such as the Enduro World Sub-Championship and the national championships of Spain, France and Italy, amongst others.

RIEJU, S.A. will manufacture the very latest enduro models at its plant in Figueres, and will begin distributing them from June 2020.

RIEJU, S.A. has a renowned consolidated trajectory throughout 75 years of history. It currently manufactures more than 12,000 motorcycles annually in its facilities in Figueres near Barcelona and exports 85% of its production to more than 40 countries.

From this agreement and reinforcing its position in the off road sector, RIEJU, S.A. will expand its current range of engines with larger displacement models.

Jordi Riera, “CEO of RIEJU, S.A.”

“This agreement allows RIEJU an immediate presence in the off-road competition segment with larger capacity machines than usual for Rieju, as well as a significant expansion of our client portfolio, and important openings to new markets.”

“We are very excited for this new adventure and the enormous challenge that this entails. We have enormous experience in our design, manufacture and distribution structure, so we are convinced that this project will be a success for our company. “

José Antonio Lombardía, “Managing Director of TORROT ELECTRIC EUROPA, S.A.”

“We are very satisfied with this agreement, since it represents continuity for our local industry. We have valued the offer of RIEJU, SA over other candidates for its long history, its high production capacity and quality and because it allows us to preserve the manufacturing of these motorcycles specialist and support auxiliary suppliers in our territory.”

“Endorsed by the success of the product since its launch and its great acceptance in the market, we foresee that RIEJU, S.A. will have a great success in this new challenge.