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Show support for new Dirt World track

An outdoor sports activity park situated at Yarwell near Peterborough has just put forward planning application to the local council, and is asking riders to show support for the proposed development.

The proposal is for a venue that includes an off-road motorcycle track as well as tracks for mountain bikes, 4x4s, mud running and general hire for corporate training days. There will also be jet wash bays, log cabins for the café and signing on plus proper toilets as well as first aid and paramedics. It will be fully marshalled and they even plan to hire out equipment and offer training.

The venue is well known in the area and has been used for a variety of mountain bike, off-road motorcycling and 4×4 days over the years. Please show your support by going to the planning website and adding positive comments HERE!


9 thoughts on “Show support for new Dirt World track

  1. Be grate for the Mx Community .. With the amount of tracks that have been closed be good to finally have a new one open for a change

  2. Outdoor pursuits are to be encouraged, we live in an age where children are brought up in front of television screens instead of getting muddy and forming proper friendships.
    Unfortunately motor sports and biking in general aren’t recognized or are even demonized by the wider public;it’s the world we live in, not in my back yard they cry!
    I think the argument is paradoxical in that by demonizing a sport or recreational pursuit the end result will see it being pursued illegally. The interest and numbers are here to be seen. If there is an overflow of football teams in an area its a given that more football pitches get built but when groups of people ride bikes and have nowhere to do so the lottery grants and council interest are nowhere to be seen.
    Right now British sportsmen and women young and old are at at the fore front of bike based activities worldwide and with the general publics “not in my back yard” philosophy this shocks me. It shocks me that with the lack of training facilitys and opposition that biking and off road pursuit enthusiasts get that it really is just passion and perseverance that keeps these people riding.
    Activity centres like this should be encouraged, particularly ones like this that show such clear planning and objectives.
    I love everything two wheels but all my life riding there has been a stigma attached to it due to a shortage of legal land where my sport is encouraged. I have seen many great opportunities for spaces for safe, monitored riding (both pedal and engine powered) go to waste because of stuffy, ignorant and often belligerent bureaucracy, it would be a real shame for the local and wider public if another legitimate proposal for safe, organised off road outdoor activities was shelved before it had the opportunity to prove it works.

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