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Soubeyras takes Arenacross crown

Cedric Soubeyras kept a cool head to clinch the UK Arenacross title from under the nose of defending champ and fellow Frenchman Thomas Ramette at the finale in London’s Wembley Arena on Saturday night.

The Pro Main Event was unusually incident-free, but with so much at stake for the leading duo of Soubeyras and Ramette, it was always going to be fraught. Aussie Reardon shot off the line, followed by Ramette, Soubeyras and Buildbase Honda’s Fabien Izoird, and was in a class of his own. Back markers came into play at around two thirds race distance, and Izoird did his utmost to catch Soubeyras, but didn’t upset the order of play. The chequered flag fell on Aussie Reardon and his first AX win, with Soubeyras in third and the championship finally his.

The championship finishers!
The championship finishers!

Said an ecstatic Soubeyras; “I’m in a dream I wanted it so badly. All day I’ve been trying to relax and not think about it, but it’s been difficult. I knew in my mind that I had to beat Thomas in the hot lap and then I knew it would be enough to finish behind him in the race. Now it’s starting to sink in, I’m really, really happy.”

Second overall and second in the championship, the three-time AX champ Ramette, commented; “I made a mistake on the quad, but that’s racing. I’ve won it three times!”

Winner on the night, Reardon added; “I’ve had an awesome time with the Tour and hope to come back and give it another shot. It’s been tougher than I imagined but, in true Aussie style, I never gave up. My I-Fly JK Yamaha team have been brilliant and we pulled it all together tonight.”

Pro Main Event
1. Dan Reardon, 40 points
2. Thomas Ramette, 36
3. Cedric Soubeyras, 32
4. Fabien Izoird, 30
5. Adam Chatfield, Team Green Holeshot Kawasaki, 28
6. Charles Lefrancois, 26

Pro Overall
1. Dan Reardon, 42 points
2. Thomas Ramette, 36
3. Cedric Soubeyras, 36
4. Charles Lefrancois, 32
5. Fabien Izoird, 30
6. Adam Chatfield, 28

Pro Championship
1. Cedric Soubeyras, 142 points
2. Thomas Ramette, 139
3. Charles Lefrancois, 115
4. Fabien Izoird, 111
5. Dan Reardon, 107
6. Adrien Escoffier, 89
7. Cyrille Coulon, 77
8. Hugo Basaula, 73
9. Adam Chatefield, 66
10. Jack Brunell, 51

Team Championship
1. Buildbase Honda, 233 points
2. SR75 World Suzuki, 219
3. Team FRO Systems, 193
4. I-Fly JK Yamaha, 149
5. MVR-D St Blazey Husqvarna, 137
6. Team Green Holeshot Kawasaki, 117
7. Shocktech Kawasaki, 73
8. Geartech Husqvarna, 48
9. RFX Suzuki, 44
10. GL12 KTM, 12

The Pro Lites second race was red flagged and declared null and void due to an accident involving Harry Kimber. Joe Clayton (Team Green Holeshot Kawasaki), Jason Meara (I-Fly JK Yamaha) and Chris Bayliss (Wooldridge Demolition) rounded out the first race podium, and the results of that one race went towards the overall championship. Clayton’s dominance in the series took him to a convincing championship win with 256 points over Bayliss on 225 and Meara on 207.

Pro Lites Final 1
1. Joe Clayton, 20 points
2. Jason Meara, 18
3. Chris Bayliss, 16
4. Harry Kimber, 15
5. Billy King, 14
6. George Clarke, 13

Pro Lites Championship

1. Joe Clayton, 256 points
2. Chris Bayliss, 225
3. Jason Meara, 207
4. Harry Kimber, 163
5. Scooter Webster, 163
6. Ben Clayton, 154
7. Billy King, 147
8. George Clarke, 141
9. Ben Burridge, 136
10. Josh Greedy, 128

The 2018 Power Maxed Youth class championships concluded this evening at The SSE Arena, Wembley, with few surprises across both groups.

Carl Osterman from Germany, continued his winning style by leading Newcastle’s Buster Hart to the finish line in both motos; they were followed each time by Raife Broadley from Kent. This result was mirrored in the championship itself. Tye Jones won the SW85 category on the night and 10th overall in the championship, was enough to give him the championship too.

In the 65cc category, Shaun Mahoney carried his recent form through to the final leg to win both races and the championship. He headed Harvey Antrobus in the overall and championship stakes, whilst Jake Davies took the overall on the night and the youngest rider of the Tour Zane Stephens secured third overall in the championship.

The youth groups were able to drop their worse scoring round from the series.

Supermini Overall
1. Carl Osterman, 40 points
2. Buster Hart, 36
3. Raife Broadley, 32
4. Josh Jones, 28
5. Robert Storer, 26
6. Tommy Gilbert, 25

Supermini Championship
1. Carl Osterman, 240 points
2. Buster Hart, 220
3. Raife Broadley, 184
4. Tommy Gilbert, 165
5, Robert Storer, 164
6. Kai Tucker, 156
7. Josh Jones, 155
8. Charlie Keight, 142
9. Matt Tolley, 123
10. Tye Jones, 113

65cc Overall

1. Shaun Mahoney, 40 points
2. Harvey Antrobus, 32
3. Jake Davies, 31
4. Neo McCartney, 29
5. Ben Casey, 28
6. Kyron Carron, 28

65cc Championship
1. Shaun Mahoney, 216 points
2. Harvey Antrobus, 203
3. Zane Stephens, 202
4. Jake Davies, 191
5. Kyron Carron, 168
6. Ben Casey, 144
7. Neo McCartney, 139
8. William Murphy, 130
9. Charlie Hucklebridge, 116
10. Austin Beasty, 112

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