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Stars back Lierop rescue bid

Jeffrey Herlings, Glenn Coldenhoff, Joel Smets and Stefan Everts are leading a campaign to stop the imminent closure of the famous Lierop GP track in Holland. After being a world-class motocross venue for 45 years, the circuit has been ordered to stop all motorsport activity by June 1 following protest from local residents.

The pressure group aiming to save the track say the circuit puts the local area onto the global map and that the big events there call on roughly half of the population of the local village to help run the event as volunteers which connects local people, increases the quality of life and greatly strengthens social connections.

There is an online petition to show support for motocross in Lierop which went live today, and has already been signed by Shaun Simpson, Max Nagl, Mar De Reuver and other racers. You can sign it HERE!

The petition will be taken to a hearing a week today where the fufure of the track will be discussed.

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