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Steel Hawk 2021 events revealed

Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club are pleased to announce their plans for some new, exciting and innovative off road motorcycling events for 2021. 

After another successful running of their ‘Rock it til Sundown’ Midweek Summer MX Classic this year at Cusses Gorse the Steel Hawk MCC team of Jeff Perrett, Julie Coyne and Paul Oughton are ready to uncork their ideas that have been building up in the pipeline for a number of years, and here they are! 

Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club – 2021 Events 

“Farm Boy Bash – Minibike Supercross” – Saturday 30th January 
They’ll be some hard charging mini bike action going on this winter at Steel Hawk MCC’s indoor invitational mini bike SX. Some recognisable names in off road motorcycling will be battling it out on ‘farm bikes’ for everyone’s viewing pleasure because it’ll be going out as pre recorded show on Steel Hawk MCC’s social media pages and website. From racing to the pre and post race bench racing around the big camp fire over a few beers. This one really is all about the fun of riding bikes and hanging out with your mates through the dark days of winter. 

“Helter Skelter Hillclimb” – Saturday 12th June 
This one is a real ‘on any Sunday’ type event. Four riders race up a hill, then turn at the top and race down a series of slalom style markers to the bottom, whittling it down to the final four for the overall glory. What goes up, must come down right?! They’ll be a mix of modern bikes, old bikes, mopeds and other contraptions! 

“Airborne Gunner Summer Supercross” – Tuesday 3rd August 
Who fancies a bit of bar to bar, airborne dog fights in the great outdoors under the floodlights? If you do, then get yourself to Cusses Gorse next summer for Steel Hawk MCC’s Invitational Supercross featuring MX1, MX2 and Rookie 125/250 riders. It’ll be cracking night’s entertainment, hopefully on a warm summer’s night, but certainly with good vibes and good people. 

“Rock it til Sundown Summer MX Classic” – Wednesday 4th August 
Steel Hawk MCC’s blue ribbon MX event, catering for classes from Auto to Pro racing for good prizes for the youth and some solid prize money for the adults will be back for it’s fourth annual running, again at the brilliant Cusses Gorse MX. A full day of awesome race action from 9am right through to 8pm!

“Hammer & Tong MX Team Trophy” – Saturday & Sunday 16th/17th October
Steel Hawk MCC’s very own version of the MXON. Not your average UK MX team event where the riders represent their local clubs, no. At the ‘Hammer & Tongs MX Team Trophy’ event the riders can choose their own team with their mates, their own colours, their own team name, their own tribe. The format will mirror the MXON with ballots picked for gate pick and Saturday qualifying races. Most racers will never get to represent their country, but here you can at least imagine it and represent who you and your mates really are and go for the glory and bragging rights until you put it all back out there on the track a year later.  

Jeff Perrett –“We’re genuinely excited to announce our plans. As I’ve said before when we first launched Steel Hawk MCC, it’s all been a long time in the making from when Julie and I worked together as part of the organising team for the Isle of Wight British GP back in 2004 and we’re finally at a stage when our vision is becoming reality. I like the way Paul, Julie and myself work together. We all bounce ideas off each other and decide things in a democratic way. We share the vision of trying to put some fun back into riding a dirt bikes and hopefully that shows through with the ideas we’ve come up with and our three runnings of ‘Rock it til Sundown’ to this point. We’re not naive to the fact that the world is a different place now with all that’s happened this year. We seriously thought about waiting another year to get our new events out there and off the ground, but we’re all optimists and believe we’ve come up with some ideas for events that won’t saturate the motocross calendar any more than it is with events that are all too similar. There’s enough championship racing out there, either nationally or regionally and we just want to run some cool stand alone events that people can either come along to compete in or spectate at, hopefully if restrictions are lifted, and have a good time and make memories.”

Paul Oughton –“The time is right for us to do this. Some people might think we’re taking a risk laying on more events when there’s so much uncertainty in the world at present, but we don’t see it that way. Like I said, it’s the right time for the three of us a collective. We talk regularly about what riding a dirt bike means to us and that has driven us on to come up with these four new events to add to the success we’ve had with ‘Rock it til Sundown’. We didn’t want to do a series of the same event that people have to commit to win or get an overall result. We’ve set out our stall to run stand alone events that people can get involved with on their own merit and that might just help make them more accessible and fun, which for us is what it’s really al about. Like the Hammer & Tongs MX Team Trophy for example, it’s all about bringing people together and having a good time. It just feels like things have got all a bit serious with racing. Of course you want to see riders give it 100% and leave it all out on track but off the track it doesn’t feel as sociable and relaxed as it used to be and we want everyone that comes to our events to have a fun, relaxing weekend in a safe, professional environment. That’s certainly our aim and hopefully we’ll be able to accomplish that with the five events we’re laying on in 2021. We have a few more events in the pipeline and when the time feels right for them we’ll crack on with them too, but for now we’re fully committed and focus to make our new events as every bit as successful as Rock it til Sundown.” 

Venues for the ‘Farm Boy Bash’, ‘Helter Skelter Hillclimb’ and ‘Hammer & Tongs MX Team Trophy’ will be announced over the next few months, along with the finalised event formats, timetables, classes and entry registrations on and they’ll be social media updates on the progress of each event on Steel Hawk MCC’s social media.