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Stewart: I’m not ready to retire

After not revealing anything about his motocross plans for almost four months, ride-less James Stewart has finally broke his silence about his future following his ride day last week where he was joined by his brother Malcolm on a pair of Yamaha YZF450s. Both Stewart brothers are without rides for 2017 and although Malcolm has revealed he may start the season as a privateer, until now James has not made any comments about his Suzuki team folding at the end of 2016.

James said: “It’s been a struggle with putting things together for next year with so many sponsors pulling out of MX and a deep pool of great riders and lack of rides. That being said I’ve been working on trying to make things happen because I’m not ready to retire. I still have wins in my future so hopefully I’ll be on the gate soon. If that’s in the next 6 weeks that’ll be great but whenever it is, I’ll be looking for to being with the people I love and that you guys.

“Real talk outta everything, wins, money, fame traveling. The one thing that keeps me going is my fans because otherwise after this year and the offseason struggles, I would be done!! But I’m not so just wanna thank you for keeping the candle lit. So thank you guys for the love, I definitely see it!!! Also everyone of my sponsors that have and still continue to support me, a big thank you to all of you. It’s not a sponsorship anymore…. it’s family.”

Photo by Rob Koy

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