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SX mind games: Webb v Roczen

The mind games of the US Supercross series continues, as Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen go head to head again tonight in Texas. Webb now leads the championship by seven points over Kenny following his win on Saturday, and is clearly the winner in the mental game of chess they are playing.

He clawed back at Roczen’s 16-point lead following the Honda man’s three-win streak, and barged him out of the way in the first corner at Daytona. That sparked anger from Kenny’s camp, and on Saturday Webb had a start-to-finish win while Rocen struggled and was sixth.

Webb said: “It gets me going. It was a good week for that. We made the most of it. It is what it is. Obviously in the times with Instagram and everything you’re able to see a bunch. It creates a good story, that’s for sure. I love it. I feed off of it. So, it was cool.”

Roczen only got sixth after a bad start. He said: “It wasn’t the result that we wanted, but we come back on Tuesday; we’ll let go of this race and come back and try again.

“The good thing is that this wasn’t the final round, by any means. We have a lot of racing left and plenty of time to redeem ourselves. For Tuesday, we want a bit of revenge and to try to start up front so I can ride with the front runners and see what position we can put ourselves in.”