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Tested: 2018 Answer Elite range

By Dave Willet. Answer’s new 2018 motocross kit designs are looking fresh this year and I’m loving their clean lines and bold colours which really stand out. The logo looks more modern and the all-round image is fresh and current.

I’ve recently been trying out the new Elite range and I couldn’t believe how light the kit felt in my hands. And when wearing the kit, it felt good on. I’ve mentioned before how free and unrestricted movement is key to riding gear, and I’ve always struggled with sizing from this brand as the kit has been either too tight or too baggy.

Answer have been working hard to get this issue addressed over the past few years and I have to say they’ve got the 2018 kit nailed. Even the 2017 gear is better than previously but the 2018 is on point.

You don't need to ride a factory KTM to appreciate the ANSR kit, but it helps!
You don’t need to ride a factory KTM to appreciate the ANSR kit, but it helps!

The trousers fit snug and compliment the knee braces perfectly without looking too loose around the knee area. They are not tight though, as the perfect balance has been achieved. The kit gives a you a good feel when riding as you’re not restricted in any way. And the trousers don’t hang off you. The kit feels like a second skin.

The race shirt offers a good air flow when riding and the fit is good and it’s designed to complement the modern rider. The spandex cuffs offer a positive feel by not restricting blood flow and the sleeves don’t move up your forearms. I’m a fan and so is the wife as it washes up well.

The AR3 gloves impressive me too. Gloves need to feel comfortable – in material, size and fitment. You need the glove to mould to your hand as there’s less chance of bunching in your palm.

I liked the wrist strap as it felt on point and the silicone fingertip grip is a must in gloves these days as it’s easier to get a good feel from your levers.

So it’s a big win for Answer for 2018. Great kit that looks good and works well.

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