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Tested: 2020 Husqvarna FC250

Husqvarna FC250 100.1kg 40.70bhp

The Husqvarna FC250 is essentially the 2019 model, except for new graphics and the new air-box cover designed to improve air flow. The bike does come with premium like a Magura hydraulic clutch, ProTaper handlebars and Brembo brakes. Traction control and different engine maps are controlled by a switch on the handlebars. The bike comes with it all stock.

Like KTM, the Husqvarna 250 has WP Sport=-spec suspension. At the front are WP XACT 48 fork with air springs, which were a bit hard. We reduced the spring rate by using 10.3 bar air pressure and the bike improved a lot, especially at the start of the stroke.

At the rear, the WP XACT shock was a bit skittish and lacking in traction when pushed hard. More rebound damping helped. But the suspension is good overall, and the bike well balanced.


Motor oil: 1.0 litre
Oil and filter replacement: after break-in (3 hours) then every 10 hours
Air filter cleaning: after every race, replaced when used in sand
Piston Replacement: every 50 hours
Valves: Check after the first 3 hours and then every 30 hours
Starter motor: No maintenance required
Front: Dunlop Geomax MX3SF 80 / 100-21
Rear: Dunlop Geomax MX3S 110 / 90-19

What the testers said:

Morgan Lesiardo:

It’s a stunning bike, with no shortcomings and it’s very manageable. Compared to the two-stroke TC, it obviously revs higher, has a quicker throttle response and is a little different in the air. Even at the start of the race it is a bit better, because if you are in the pack, being able to pull the gear you’re in always helps.

Actually, the difference between the FC and TC is not huge. The forks seem to be identical and I like air forks. Under brakes, with the sudden transfer of weight to the front, it doesn’t dive too much. The rear reacts slower than on the TC, probably because the bike is heavier, but two clicks fixes it.

Stefano Dani:

It is undoubtedly a fantastic motorbike with a great engine, with loads of smooth power that reacts to whatever input you give it. I find the Husky one of the best bikes in the turns, as you can put it in third gear and it pulls.

And the general chassis balance it is right at the top of the pack, even better than Yamaha, which I really like. The air fork works well, too. On paper, the FC has the same chassis set-up as the TC, but the four-stroke just gets more traction.


The Husqvarna FC250 often plays second fiddle to its lighter cousin, the KTM 250 SX-F. This year there it’s still a breath behind, as the worsening track conditions worked in favour of the more explosive engine and better traction from the orange bike.

As always, the Husqvarna is a little softer than the KTM but this makes it a better all-rounder for many riders.

The bike might be the same as the 2019 model, apart from colours, airbox cover and some details, but remains a great performer. It does well everywhere, with only slight concerns in the realms of ergonomics which mean the initial feeling is not as good as on other bikes.