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Tested: 2020 Husqvarna TC125

Husqvarna TC125 87.9kg 33.80 bhp

With the 125 Husqvarna, Mattia Guadagnini won the EMX125 and World Junior championship this year. It was a dominant performance. The TC 125 shares the engine and chassis platform with the KTM 125SX. And like the FC four-strokes, has die-cast engine housings for maximum weight savings and the DS clutch controlled by Magura hydraulics, while the brakes are the Brembo. Last year the bike got a new frame that lowered the seat by 10mm.

The Austrian 125s also come with the WP Sport-spec suspension components. The WP XACT air fork works really well, and it’s very supple in the first part of the stroke. We tweaked the set up by reducing pressure to balance the bike with the rear which match we dropped the sag to 104mm. Then it was just a dream to ride and very balanced.


Motor oil: 0.8 litres
Oil change: after running in (5 hours) and then every 20 hours
Air filter cleaning: after every race, replaced when used in sand
Piston Replacement: every 20 hours
Valves: Check after the first 3 hours and then every 30 hours
Starter motor: N/A
Oil mix: 40:1
Front: Dunlop Geomax MX3SF 80 / 100-21
Rear: Dunlop Geomax MX3S 100 / 90-19

What the testers said:

Pablo d’Aniello:

Initially I found the bike felt very rigid and it took a while to get used to that feeling. But when I got used to the bike, I found it was easier to set up than the 2019 model. I dropped the air fork pressure which improved it a lot, especially when cornering.

I find the engine more responsive at low end, and the power stretches out right to the top. It’s very strong.

Edoardo Boga:

It’s difficult to separate this from the KTM. The ergonomics are similar, but the rear end protrudes a bit more on the TC. I also found the suspension a little better than KTM.

I lowered the sag a little which balanced the bike more. And I found the engine a bit less sharp than the explosive KTM.