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The new 100% Barstow collection

Barstow – where timeless and vintage moto design meets modern performance. Introducing the 2021 collection of Barstow goggles featuring an expanded line of new colours and styles, including new collaborations with influential artists and brands.

Barstow fuses vintage moto design with modern styling and technology resulting in a timeless goggle equipped with premium performance features. The 100% designers and engineers created a product that is both functional and meaningful when they created the Barstow.


·         Minimal frame works in union with lens shape to increase visibility

·         Premium strap trim elevates performance and adds rich detail

·         Triple-layer face foam provides excellent moisture management

·         Upper vents force air in and channel out moisture to reduce fogging

·         Comes with extra clear lens and microfiber bag

·         8 Styles

·         SRP £89.99