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Three rounds for 2020 French Elite series

Motocross is back to action in August in France, with three rounds of the French Elite series scheduled in August and September, with a maximum of 5000 people on site.

For some clubs that was enough to ask for a round of the French Elite series, and the first one was Castelnau de Levis in Southern France, near Albi. Home of several GPs in the past, this club was supposed to organise the opening round of the Elite mid march but was forced to cancel at the last moment. “Everything was ready when the local representative of the government says ‘no’ on Saturday morning. Since this moment we have been pushing to find a solution, and finally the FFM confirmed us for August 15th-16th’ explained president Alain Bosseboeuf.

Owner of team Bud Racing, Stephane Dassé is also the owner of the Bud Racing Training Camp, a sandy training facility located in Magescq (not far from the team base in Hossegor) and after some discussions with the federation he will met the opening round of the series on August 1st and 2nd.

When we saw that Castelnau organised mid august, we ask them if it was possible to move the date as there’s a GP in Sweden on the calendar the same weekend. They could not change the date, and for us it was a pity as the French series is important for our sponsors, so after talking with some other team owners and the FFM we decided to organize a round on our home track earlier in August” explains Sebastien.

Last but not least the club of Rauville la Place (in Normandy) who was supposed to organise the final round in June confirmed that they were ready to host the third and last round on September 19th-20th.

The French Elite riders have already confirmed their attendance to the series, and all organizers expect to see some GP riders behind their gate if there is no GP at the same moment on the final MXGP calendar.

Elite Calendar:

August 1-2: Magescq (Landes department, near Dax)

August 15-16: Castelnau de Lévis (Tarn department, near Albi)

September 19-20: Rauville la Place (Manche department, south of Valognes)

Elite organizers:


Castelnau de Lévis:

Rauville la Place: