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Two-stroke 125s return to AMA Nationals

The beloved sound of 2-stroke motorcycles will return to American motocross this summer as MX Sports Pro Racing has announced the introduction of the 125 All Star Series. This new support program will be featured at a total of seven rounds of the 2018 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing, beginning with the season opening Hangtown Motocross Classic on May 19th.

The 125 All Star Series will consist of six qualifying rounds and a climactic finale at the season-ending Ironman National on August 25th. In addition to bookending the National schedule, this one-of-a-kind 2-stroke showcase will also visit Thunder Valley (June 2), High Point (June 16), The Wick 338 (June 30), Washougal (July 28), and Budds Creek (August 18). Each All Star event will feature a one-moto format, and will be contested during opening ceremonies at the designated Nationals.

“The resurgence of market interest for 2-stroke based motorcycles, and our recent experience with 2-stroke support classes at national events presents us with opportunities for developing a more formal program for these products for 2018 and beyond,” explained Roy Janson, Director of Competition for MX Sports Pro Racing.

“The 125cc 2-stroke machine in particular is experiencing an increased level of interest and popularity, due in part to the role it plays in our sport for amateur riders,” Janson continued. “These motorcycles provide an appropriate transitional machine with size and performance characteristics consistent with the size and skill sets of many young athletes. Additionally, there is continued interest in these machines with our fans based on the important historical role these 2-strokes played in the development, growth and evolution of our sport.”

The 125 All Star Series is open to current production-based 125cc 2-stroke machines, as well as non-current production models from the final three years of production for manufacturers who no longer produce 125cc models. To be eligible to compete riders must be a minimum 16 years of age, with an AMA skill classification of “B” or higher. Current and former AMA Pro Motocross-licensed riders are eligible to compete, so long as they are not participating in the professional classes at that event.

To apply for race entry, submit the 125 All Star Series Entry Form directly to the appropriate event promoter noted on the Form.

Tickets to each round of the 2018 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship on now on sale and can be purchased by visiting Photo Rich Shephard

2018 125 All Star Series Schedule
May 19 – Hangtown Motocross Classic; Sacramento, Calif.
June 2 – Thunder Valley Nationa; Lakewood, Colo.
June 16 – High Point National; Mt. Morris, Pa.
June 30 – Southwick National; Southwick, Mass.
July 28 – Washougal National; Washougal, Wash.
August 18 – Budds Creek National; Mechanicsville, Md.
August 25 – Ironman National; Crawfordsville, Ind.

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