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UK series get together to tackle youth behaviour

Joint Statement on behalf of ACU British Motocross Championship, MX Nationals Motocross Championship, Acerbis Motocross Championship, Bridgestone Masters Motocross Championship.

Due to continual appalling behavior by a number of youth riders and their friends the above Championships are implementing the following measures with immediate effect.

All named promoters above, now have a shared list of individuals on a conduct list. This list will not be published, but we will be writing to everyone on the list individually. The list is not limited to only riders.

Anyone named on the list, regardless of whether they are riding or not, unless accompanied by a responsible adult, caught outside the gates of the venue during an event will be asked to leave the event immediately.

Anyone caught damaging any property inside or outside the venue will be immediately banned from the event and future events without further discussion including events of the other promoters.

Suron bikes and any form of pit / electric bike (not including regular bicycles) are now banned from our events. Anyone caught riding one will be asked to put it back in their van. If caught a second time you will be asked to leave the event.

Whilst most of the problems have been caused by 85cc riders we aware that these same riders will move onto bigger bikes next season. They will remain on the conduct list regardless of class.

As promoters we are losing tracks and incurring substantial costs for additional security and damage/repair costs because of the behavior of a handful of thoughtless children and irresponsible parents. Many local residents have had more than enough of motocross events destroying their hometowns and our sport is suffering.

Any rider or person seen to have not adhered to the above will have an automatic ban from all events associated with the above named promoters.

Please behave or stay at home! You have been warned.

This is a plea to all parents, team managers and rider coaches that attend our events. You spend a lot of time with these riders teaching them to ride like professional motocross riders. Please can just spend some of this valuable time teaching them how to behave like adults before we have nowhere to race!