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VIP track open to MXGP riders

The VIP track near Northampton is opening to any riders in any of the GP classes this week who now have to spend the next week in the UK following the postponing of the British GP. Their info says: “We feel like we need to do what we can to help with the situation in our industry right nowWe are so gutted for everyone involved with the MXGP this weekend, the great British weather really has thrown a spanner in the works for all the teams rider’s and fans. Very very difficult decision made by the organisers but probably the right decision we feel to postpone the event until next weekend.

“Imagine the headache this creates for the teams/riders that have traveled overseas for this weekends event I suppose it’s not feasible to just pop back home and return for next weekend to race. So if you and your team are stuck in the UK this week then we are going to open our gates to MXGP riders and teams ONLY.

“We have the entry list right here and if you’re name is on the list then you’ll be welcomed here to stay ride and prepare for next weekend ?ONLY IF YOU’RE NAME IS ON THE ENTRY LIST THEN GIVE US A CALL ON – 07475 258 034 We will need to know when you call -when will you arrive? How many vehicles will arrive with your group? And how many people will be coming with you?”