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Watson brother’s set-up secrets

When it comes to getting ready for a big race, the Watson brothers, Ben and Nathan, leave nothing to chance. They get to know the terrain that they’re due to come up against, and set-up their bikes accordingly. So when they head back to the Netherlands later this month for Red Bull Knock Out, expected them to be fully ready for the world’s toughest beach race.

In this clip from FourOhFour Films, the Watsons open up about the differences in getting race ready for two distinct disciplines, motocross and enduro. When the tweaks have been made there’s a full on demonstration on the bumps and turns of Jake Nicholls’s training compound in the east of England.

Nathan said: “After moving to enduro the bike set-up is completely different to motocross. In motocross you have pretty hard suspension to keep you going fast over the big bumps. In enduro your bike has got to work everywhere, over rocks and through the woods, so the complete bike is a lot softer.”


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