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Willet takes over Coupe de l’Avenir squad

The ACU Motocross Committee are delighted to announce the appointment of Dave Willet as the Manager of The Team GB Coupe de L’Avenir squad for 2023 and beyond. MotoHead boss Willet has also taken over as team manager for the World Junior GB squad this season.

Following the recent resignation of long-standing Manager Dave Garland, the Committee considered all of the available options. Before Mr Garland’s departure the possibility of somehow combining the two roles had been considered. This never before attempted amalgamation had many potential advantages over running the two teams entirely independently.

In light of the new appointment of Mr Willet to the WJC and Mr Garland’s departure, the Motocross Committee felt that the time was right to try something new, innovative and very different.

Steve McCauley, ACU Motocross Committee Chairman, said ” the more we thought about this concept, the more it made sense from every aspect; selection, training, sponsorship logistics, team building, finances, etc. etc. In reality, apart from the adults who race at the Coupe it’s extremely likely to be the same riders who would be considered for both events. As a committee we have a positive approach to trying new ways to improve and progress the sport. We would much rather try new ideas and re-asses if they don’t work out than stand still. However, having said that, we have every confidence in Dave and feel very positive about 2023 and beyond. To close we would like to thank Dave Garland and his team for the past success, their tremendous efforts and dedication, and the positive legacy which they have left us with.”

Dave Willet commented: “I’m incredibly excited to have been appointed the Manager for Team GB’s junior worlds and Coupe de l’Avenir team. I feel this new program will benefit both riders and parents and help create something positive for the future!

“This year is definitely going to be a challenging one financially, but looking ahead, I’m confident that it’s only going to get easier over time. I’m confident that with the dedication of the team and everyone involved, this will be a great success.

“I’d like to take a moment to thank the ACU for believing in me and Dave Garland for his hard work over the years. He’s given me some good advice too. I know that Dave worked hard to ensure that all the required elements were in place, and we intend to do the same! I’m also looking forward to working with the ACU community, coaches and other staff who have been appointed to manage the team throughout this journey.”

This national Coupe de l’Avenir team event will now take place Saturday September 23 and Sunday September 24, 2023. Each national federation takes a team of young 65cc, 85cc and Open riders.