ACU warning for UK elite sportmen abroad

The ACU advises all holders of letters of exemption (from isolation on arrival in England) that with immediate effect such letters issued before 4 January 2021 are now withdrawn. If you need a new exemption letter you will need to reapply. Please read this update carefully.Elite Sport Exemption does not apply

£200 Covid fines for Northampton dirt bikers

A group of six riders were slapped with £200 fines for breaking Covid lockdown rules yesterday as they were faced with a police sting from the North and East Northampton Neighbourhood teams. The riders were on the well-known but unofficial track behind the Lodge Farm industrial estate on the outskirts of

ACU meet to discuss Covid lockdown

Britain's bikesport federation is to make an announcement in the next couple of days about a potential return to action, following yesterday's Government relaxing of some lockdown rules. The ACU statement says: The Prime Minister delivered an address to the nation on Sunday, 10th May in which he announced a 'conditional